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water system i want to get... (merged threads)

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  • water system i want to get... (merged threads)

    ok, i sorta know what a reservoir is but do you need one in every cooling system??? and exactly what is a reservoir?? thanks:mad:

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    No ya don't need a reservoir but they do come in handy on a topline job.


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      so do you suggest i get one? or not...its not that expensive so i guess i could throw one in...:cheers:


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        ok, im willing to spend some money so heres a list:

        pump: hydor L30
        radiator: HWLabs Black Ice
        Block: Swiftech MCW5002
        reservoir: Typhoon-Quad Reservoir
        fan: some 120 mm (stilll undecided)
        tubbing and such: still looking

        is there anything missing or do you suggest other stuff....or better stuff for the same price.....:bounce: :bounce2: :bounce: :bounce2:


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          Reservoirs really only help in:
          1. filling
          2. bleeding

          If you want slightly easer filling and bleeding, they you can get one, but i would go no reservoir, why spend extra money when you can just fill and bleed it manually?
          TweakTown SETI@home Team


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            Resorvior is also good so you can dump some ice in it.....but make sure you're insulated for condensation.


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              oooooh k looking for some help here and im not getting any feedback :mad: :grr: :bounce:


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                I recommend 1/2 inch tubing, other than that all looks good


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                  have a look at what i've said here:
                  TweakTown SETI@home Team


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                    i would also get a GPU block, something liekk the maze3 gpu block. clearflex 1/2 tubing will be good. u can make ur own resiervior or skip it if u want. as andy's watercooling post said, u dont need a reservior, it just helps to bleed the system better.

                    for the fan, i would get the vantec stealth case fan. is around 20 buz canadian .


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                      skip the res

                      and if ya got $$$ to spend ;):

                      d-tek white water or tc4 rev2 waterblock ( if ya got a little more money and time, get a cascade wb )

                      get a heatcore, chevette or d-tek pro core with 2 / 120mm fans ( push - pull )

                      tygon r-3603 1/2" id(inside diameter) tubing... its a little more $$$, but its way flexible and strong as h3ll.

                      and dont forget the hose clamps - metal wormdrive are the best

                      gl :wave:

                      **edit: took out pump recommendation**


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                        right on..thanks for all the help :bounce:


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                          wow, i was just checking up on dangerden and i saw this water block...ahh i must have:drool: :drool:
                          i have read that it is a pretty damn good block, but still look at it


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                            i was drinking a Bawls the other day and i sat there and looked at it and some how cooling came into you think it is possible to make resevoir out of a bawls thinkin it is..but i dont know, that would look pretty cool....thoughts or comments?


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                              put to tubes in there 1 intake 1 tat gives water to the pump. the tube should be sealed very tight.

                              but the wouldbe a bad ideea, go with plastic instead