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List of Reliable American Online Retailers

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  • List of Reliable American Online Retailers

    In an attempt to find the most high quality of retailers, I hope that everyone who has bought computer related items online will post websites of places that they would buy from again and recommend to others.


    *The goal of this thread is NOT to post each seller once, but for everyone to list their favorite e-tailers, even if it has already been mentioned

    *If you post a website, it is assumed that you were completely satisfied with the service you received, and that you plan to buy from them again.

    *If you would like to make negative comments about a certain retailer, just write a paragraph of what happened, and what it cost you, if you do not write a comment, it will be assumed that you were perfectly happy with the service you recieved.

    *DO NOT post a website YOU have not bought from !!!

    *DO NOT post a website that doesn't accept US Dollars !!! (make different threads for other currencies please)

    I have purchased from: So far, I am 100% successful in only buying from legit, honest people thanks to EBAY's feedback system.

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    Just go here for tons of customer reviews.


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      Yes, I know of that site. It is somewhat useful, but it is extremely cluttered and tedious. And its not as useful as a real life suggestion from someone you know.

      That site also lets anyone comment. The morons votes are just as worthy as the experts. However, this thread lets each of us decide which suggestions/opinions to take into consideration. This forum is mainly very competant people, and I want to know where they shop ! :P


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        I have used Multiwave Direct and KD Computers before with very good results. You might also want to add a few more to your list, though...

        All of these dealers are also reputable and have never let me down. Also, you might consider in your search as well. Though I have never bought from them personally, they are very reliable. This comes from some folks I know who have done business with them before.
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          I tend to buy locally, but I've bought from them twice and plan to again. I agree with Darth's suggestion to check resellerratings. Newegg is one of the highest rated companies last I checked.


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            Yeah, Last time I ordered from they wer rated something insane like 97%! I would order from them again.

            I too have used and would use them again, as well as Directron.

            I have also used, but I have heard that some people have had some real problems with them. I wasn't one of them.
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              I agree with Darth - 2Cooltek is a good guy, although his selection is not what it used to be

              I bought all my big Delta fans from here (I got a new 110cfm 92mm to try in place of the 80cfm fan on my Alpha last week)

              I've bought a few things here too:

              no complaints about any of them


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                Thank you zeradul, I just ordered a case from assuming that they were reliable from your positive input. We'll se how it goes.


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                  I have not worked with the model you got, but I think that you will be pleased with it.

                  Hey RDR, what is the reason for Sidewinder having a yahoo counterpart?




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                    Has anyone dealt with ?

                    I am fairly sure they have no relation to google, and are just using google's good rep?


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                      Originally posted by zeradul
                      Has anyone dealt with ?

                      I am fairly sure they have no relation to google, and are just using google's good rep?
                      I wasn't fooled by their name when i decided to make a few purchases from them after hearing good things about them from many of my friend...

             was quick with processing my order, and i received my $550+ worth of computer hardware within 1 week (basic UPS ground shipping).
                      Not too bad considering the item was shipped all the way from CA to NJ (coast to coast) with UPS.

                      As for their prices, you cant just blindly buy things from them like you can from
                      You've gotta look out for some of their prices though; Once in a while, you'll find amazing deals on processors and hard drives on their site, but other times, many of the items they list will be overpriced...

                      Conclusion: I'd definitely buy from them again if i found a good deal on the hardware they have to offer

                      Note- I have not yet dealt with their tech support as there has been no need


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                        Darthtanion mentioned coolerguys, and i would just like to say that they have a great operation going on there. They are completely committed to the customer. I live right next door to them (woohoo for me) and i have toured their facility. Everything is high quality, cheap, and they always have new deals every week or so. If you have a chance go right ahead and buy from them.

                        (Coolerguys if you are reading this im am currently looking for a summer job, i am well groomed, and can reach into small crevices for screws:thumb: )

                        Thats if ya missed it.


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                          Can an admin please make this thread sticky, that way we can check out reliable online sites with just one glance....

                          :cheers: Thanks a lot! :cheers:


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                            Sometimes ebay but only from resellers that use ebay =)


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                              I've bought quite a few things from Access Micro and have never run into any problems.


                              good prices on compact flash, secure digital, smartmedia, memory sticks, & mmc cards..