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Prime 95 Help...FATAL ERROR!!!

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  • Prime 95 Help...FATAL ERROR!!!

    Okie Doke! Never used Prime b4 and i recv'd an error on my #4 core.

    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
    Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

    Any ideas? Or pssibly I am missing a poston this, not sure...thanks for any help with this, my other cores are fine, matter of fact they are running now.

    Anyhow, thanks again for ANY response!

    (#4 CORE)
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    nVidia nForce 7150-630i mobo
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    4096MB ddr-800
    200GB hdd 7200 sata
    160GB hdd 7200 sata II
    320GB hdd 5400 ide (?)
    320GB ext. hdd Transcend
    MSI dvd rw / lightscribe / sata
    BFG GeForce 8600 GT PCI-E 1.0

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    Re: Prime 95 Help...FATAL ERROR!!!

    What are you system specs/ bios voltages. You may need to change your DRAM voltage. I encountered this and it was due to my DRAM voltage being too low.


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      Re: Prime 95 Help...FATAL ERROR!!!

      what size fft's were you running?small fft's errors are usually cpu vcore related
      large fft's error's are usually memory and NB related(timings/vdimm/vNB).
      if you run blend check and see where it fails at small/large fft's.
      if it just crashes or BSOD/restarts its most likely a memory problem


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        Re: Prime 95 Help...FATAL ERROR!!!

        only the 4th core? - sounds like that core is a dud! (or your OC)
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