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    I have just went from a dial up connection to a dsl connection. At the same time I bought a router and ethernet cards to network my two pc's. One pc has Winme,and the other has WinXP. I am having difficulty getting them to work,and basically dont understand the terminology. My ISP says that my dsl modem is configured as a router,even though only one pc can be connected to it, and I have to reconfigure the modem to disable the router functions or there will be conflicts. This whole deal has become mind boggling. Way too many terms such as Gateways,dns,static,dynamic,pppoe,etc that I dont understand. Could someone point me to some type of helpsite,or tutorial where I can get a basic understanding of this network stuff.I am currently over my head....Thanks.:)

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    OK, first of all, do you have permission to hook up 2 computers to the DSL by the ISP? IF so you can go with something simple like a Hub/Switch and dont worry about the router.
    If you dont, there will be some work ahead.
    I have to reconfigure the modem to disable the router functions or there will be conflicts.
    This worries me. I dont see why you have to reconfigure the modem.
    Also to configure your new router you will need a lot of info. But it should be relatively easy to get. Basically you have to set up the router so that it asks ISP of an IP address (Dynamic IP). And set it up where the PCs have constant IP addresses (Static IP)
    Gateway is your router, and your PCs have go through it to get to internet.

    I found a couple of sites that might help you.
    They have answered these questions a lot more times that i did, so go check them out.


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      Thanks for the response. You seem to have a good working knowledge of this stuff so let me see if i can clarify my dilema.My modem was configured by the ISP. The tech said it is configured for PPPoE. The Linkmax manual says its a PPPoE modem.
      After the dsl installation was complete,I checked each of my pc's to see if they were connecting. Each one worked fine.
      I then proceed to set up the dsl router. One pc will work,and one will not. I call the ISP tech and he says my modem was configured for router operation,and it must be changed. The Linkmax modem manual says it has 3 modes of operation, Router,Bridge,and Classic.
      The modem web based set up page lists more than 3 options. It lists 2 versions of a Bridge,as well as PPPoE. I assumed that the router option would be checked (since the ISP tech said it was configured as a router),but the PPPoE option was what was checked.
      As long as the router is configured as a DCHP,it will allow one pc to work. If I change the config to PPPoE,it will not work. I get a "cannot connect, system is behind a firewall" nag message.
      I think both the modem ,and the router have DCHP enabled,I believe this might be part of the problem.
      Something has to be configured as PPPoE,because that is my protocol.just not sure which one it needs to be. sorry for the long post,and thanks for helping..:)


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        Do the computers see eachother when connected to a router?

        The modem web based set up page lists more than 3 options.
        What are they?

        I think both the modem ,and the router have DCHP enabled,I believe this might be part of the problem.
        Did you try running the modem in classic mode and having the router run as DHCP?

        As long as the router is configured as a DCHP,it will allow one pc to work. If I change the config to PPPoE,it will not work.
        When running as PPPoE what IP are you assigning to the router?


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          "Do the pc's see each other?".....Dunno,All I have tried to do with each one is connect.

          "Did you try running the modem in classis mode"?...No,after the first reconfig failed,I got paranoid and was afraid of messing things up. The ISP tech said unless I was network savy,I could lose everything by messing with it.

          The 3 modes of operation are: USB,Ethernet bridge,and Ethernet router.
          The setup page lists:bridged 1483, bridged llc,RFC routed,classic IP, PPPoe, NAT inbound.

          In PPPoE mode,IP's are assigned automatically. All I am required to enter is a User name, and a Password.

          My biggest stumbling block is figuring out of both devices need to be set for PPPoE,or just the router? and figuring out which DHCP to disable.
          Thanks for the help.


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            Ok, I'm back. :D Who's ready to take care of this? Please answer the following questions. Who's your ISP? Do they use PPPoE? (I can usually tell if I know who your ISP is). What DSL modem did they give you. (I know it's a Linkmax, but is there a modem #?) Lastly, what router do you have? Thanks


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              My ISP is a local rural telephone co-operative.

              The ISP tech said I connect via PPPoE. He said its similar to a dial up,where I have to enter a user name,and password.

              The modem is a Linkmax 300a . It is catagorized as a modem/router,but it only has one connection for a ethernet cable.

              I have a Linksys 4 port router.

              I am currently on dial-up as I lost my dsl modem when I tried to reconfigure it to disable the DHCP function. The router manual said you cannot have two DHCP servers on the same network. I disabled the modem DHCP and lost my connection. I cant access the web based set up screen to change it back.

              I'm not sure if the modem is actually considered part of the network or not?.So I may have not needed to disable it. I tried a reset,but it didnt do any good..:)


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                Just one more question. With this modem, you type in a browser to access the modem to change the configuration, right? Maybe they have it setup different. If so, what's the address you typed?


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         gets me to the configuration page if the modem is working. Since it currently not working,typing in that addy gets a 'Page cannot be displayed" nag message.
                  I have yet to uncover what the modems addy is.All of the configuration was performed by the ISP tech,before handing me the modem.....


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                    Ok, what we need to do first is get the modem back to the way it was. What you'll have to do is run an ethernet cable directly from the modem to one of the computers. Lets do the Windows XP machine for simplicity.

                    Next, on the XP machine:
                    go to start --> control panel --> network connections

                    In here you should have a Local Area Connection
                    right click on it and go to properties.
                    in the middle, highlight internet protocol, click properties

                    set if for "use the following IP"

                    It should be set it for "use the following DNS"
                    leave primary and secondary DNS empty
                    click ok

                    close everything and re-boot

                    then see if you can access the modem's configuration
                    If so, undo the changes you made to the modem, and let me know

                    Also if you are able to undo the changes you made to the modem, after you save the modem settings, undo the changes to your computer that I just had you do. Then reboot. And try your connection like normal first.

                    Let me know.


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                      Okay, I'll try it when I get home. One thing that has just occured to me. Re-reading the the modem manual, it says the modem comes with a "crossed" ethernet cable. I had to make one for the other pc. I think I might have made mine "straight". This might explain why that pc wouldnt work,and the other one did.
                      The only thing about that theory is that I tried that computer all by itself (after I made the cable) and it worked fine...


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                        Ok then, for the current time, use that cross over cable that came with the modem between it and the Windows XP machine. When we get the connection back the way it was, then we'll work with the router.


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                          Okay.....Thanks for the help..I checked the cable that came with the modem yesterday, and thought it was "straight thru".
                          The manual says it should be "Crossed". Might be a manual typo who


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                            Had to return the dsl modem to the phone co-op for a replacement. This one is supposed to be set up as a straight through modem.When connected just to the pc, the modem will not connect. when connected to the router,it will connect,but the router set up wizard says it cant find the modem........I must have some type of really fuxed up adsl modem.


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                              I can get to the modem config page thru the dial up method.Not sure how it works,but I can get in.As of now,no combo of modem and router settings seems to do the trick.