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  • What video card?

    Well, I have the following computer system:

    AMD Athlon 1900+ 12x 266 mhz
    Asus A7V266-e (AGP 4x)
    1 Gig of DDR 266 mhz RAM

    I had a GForce Ti4200 in my computer, but that one has overheathed! It was a crap card, so actually it was my own fault. What new card should I buy now? Is it worth to buy a video card with faster DRR Ram then 266 mhz for my computer? Should I buy another GForce Ti4200 or should I buy a Ti4600? Any help is welcome!


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    in my area a Ti4600 is the same price as a Radeon9700 non-pro....if that's within your budget - that's the card I would get:thumb:


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      If you want a ge force 4 get a descent ti 4200 and u can overclock it to about the same speed as a ti 4600. Much cheaper:cheers:


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        Is the ASUS V9280 VS any good at overclocking?


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          For the RAM question...imao, I'd wait for the next big upgrade ! You probably won't see that much of a difference (for the $$$), and things are going to change fairly soon ( DDR-II ) !
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            I got a chaintech gf4 ti4200 se it over clocked well with the stock cooling 305 core 595 mem pretty stable came with 2 games and some cables and adpters and in my opinion it's the sexiest thing since carmen electra .