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flyvideo - not easy to install

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  • flyvideo - not easy to install

    Dear guys,

    yes this card makes trouble ... **** trouble. I had the same problem with "hdpcitv.exe encountered a problem .. blablabla"
    with window 2000. I booted win98se and installed the drivers there and it runs .. everything runs.
    I can capture from camera, from video, listen radio and take screen shots. I could capture with the highest resolution with good quality. After then I could divx it ... but

    - win98 limits the capture size to 4 GB which means at 720xyyy resolution 17.5 minutes.
    - virtual dub has problems but can capture

    windows 2000 makes completely these problems so I'm on the way to try out all drivers I can find ... I try to grap directly the phillips tv tuner chip ...

    So if any one is success full for running this card on win2k I would be very very very happy if he/she can send me a description about "how to" to me [email protected].

    So therefor good luck guys and girlz.

    My note :
    1. delete and deinstall all drivers on win98
    2. reinstall them
    3. run it (hopefully)

    yours from germany,

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