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I Want to clock my P4-2.4ghz, help !!!

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  • I Want to clock my P4-2.4ghz, help !!!

    I have an Asus P4S533 motherboard with a pentium 4 2.4ghz 533 FSB northwood chip installed, I have 512mb 2700 ddr 333 ram and running on windows xp pro.
    Can someone tell me exactly what the settings in the bios should be changed to if I wanted to Pump up the power, I-E, Up to say 3.0ghz ?? would it be safe to do this and what is the recommended level if this seems too high ?
    Basically I just want to overclock the system a wee bit, not too much though, I dont want to break anything.
    Please help, thanks,

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    The main parts of your BIOS that you need is where you can change the frontside bus frequency, the CPU voltage and memory timings (your motherboard manual will show you exactly where in your particular BIOS).
    1st start by increasing the FSB frequency until the system starts to become a little unstable and then increase the core voltage to the CPU and see if that brings it back to being stable and if it does you can try goin' even further. At some stage you may have to start slowing some memory timings down to gain stability also and if at any stage you have gone to far and wind up with a blank screen at boot then just shut the PC down, unplug it from the mains and clear the CMOS (your manual will explain how to do this), this will set all settings back to standard so you can start again.
    Only go in small steps and test regularly for stability and things will be fine, good luck. :thumb:


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      I agree with Wiggo.
      Just remember that if you increase voltagel, you increase heat! So it's important to monitor CPU temp. P4 CPU's run cooler than Athlon CPU's in general and can prob tolerate oc'ing better. You already have a really fast processor, but I'm sure you can safely boost it a bit. Have fun.


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        In actual fact P4's run just as hot (if not hotter is some cases) and where I recommend keeping and AMD system below 50c an equivalent P4 setup is ok so long as ya keep it below 60c. Intel have the clock throttling kick in around 75c but yes do keep your eye on the temps but with what you have it's not quite as critical as with AMD's. :smokin:


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          how hot or cold should the temps be guy's ?
          I looked into my ASUS probe utility and the temps are as follows >>> CPU TEMP = 38C / 100F STATUS OK
          CPU FAN IS RUNNING AT 3026 RPM.
          Correct me if I'am wrong, but are you guy's saying that these temps are way too high, if so, why is the status monitor saying everything is "OK" ?
          I'am kinda new to overclocking, please help !!!


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            Sorry guy's, I picked you'z up wrong.
            I see the temps your quoting are well above the temps my cpu and motherboard are running at just now.
            Mines being cpu 38c and MB 39c, so I'am cool.
            Sounds like we'r talking about womans bra sizes lol.

            Anyway, what do you think of this ??
            I have got the cpu clocked up to 2.57 thats from the original 2.4ghz and thats a front side bus of 572 from 533, I just kept trying to push it up little by little and test running games etc to check for computer hanging, thats the fastest I can get it up to without it hanging. BUT bear in mind that I only changed the cpu / pci freq, I didnt change any other setting like voltage or fan speeds etc etc.

            I thought that was not to bad considering nothing else had to be changed, what ya think ? AND is it safe enough to do it the way I have done ????