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B550I AORUS PRO AX (F12) + 5600x + M.2 SSD | BSOD and no boot drive detected on restart

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  • B550I AORUS PRO AX (F12) + 5600x + M.2 SSD | BSOD and no boot drive detected on restart

    As title states, sometimes get BSOD (very quick BSOD, no error can be read and PC quickly restarts) during regular low load usage such as web browsing.

    After restart boot drive (M.2 PCI-e SSD gen.3 rear slot) is not detected.

    After powering off and powering on boot drive is detected and Windows loads normally.

    Checked event viewer and no logs created, possibly due to SSD failing to be recognized.

    Is this a motherboard issue which could be resolved in BIOS updates? Or is this a hardware issue? If so, which component?

    This SSD is taken from another computer and confirmed over 2 years of use without issue until now.

    Thank you.

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    Disabled "turn off hard disk after x minutes" in advanced power options and issue seems to have resolved for now.


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      I had the same issue with F12 version and Samsung 980 Pro.
      It occurred only once, but i already updated to F13a.


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        Issue is still occurring wit F13a bios, second m.2 ssd connected to the backside slot with PCIe 3.0 is detected.
        But the Samsung 980 pro at front slot is not detected anymore.


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          If Windows loads then the drive is detected in BIOS When I had a freeze and BSOD after Windows load with a Samsung nVME it was a faulty SSD. They wouldnt replace as they said no fault found but I swapped it for a WD and no probs since

          With Samsung you have the choice of their nVVME driver or the Windows one - if changing the driver changes the symptoms then thats another clue

          If the PC reboots after BSOD then theres a option in Windows to stop auto restart


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            In my case it is not detected in the bios.

            After multiple reboot from bios, the SSD (980 PRO) is detected and windows is loaded.
            When I connect a second NVME SSD (970 EVO) at M2_B slot (backside) connected via B550 chip, system is freezing randomly in windows.

            The backside connected SSD is always found in bios just the 980 PRO in M2_A (front side slot connected via CPU) is not detected by the bios randomly.
            The problem occurs with and without second SSD connected.

            This issue is driving me crazy, needing multiple reboots (sometimes > 20) to get the drive detected.


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              Issue has started occurring again for me recently after a few months of relative stability. If anyone has a solution, I'm all ears.

              Edit: I upgraded to F13i BIOS but no improvement.