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Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master Rev(1.0) Overclocking i7 9700k

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  • Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master Rev(1.0) Overclocking i7 9700k

    I used the TweakTown Overclocking guide as a starting point and this is what I have got.

    My Bios Settings for my I7 9700k, on a Gigabyte Z390 Master Rev 1.0 bios F11L GK
    Please advice me if I have done anything wrong or am missing anything recommended...

    All settings are optimized defaults unless I have listed below.

    Enhanced Multi Core Performance(EMCP) = Disable, Even if I have active turbo ratios on auto even with (EMCP)disabled all cores run at max
    CPU Core Ratio 49
    Ring Ratio = 46
    AVX Offset = 0
    Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) = Profile 1
    CPU VCore = Normal
    Dynamic VCore (DVID) = -0.070v Changed LLC to normal so this needs to be changed now testing at -0.030v
    Advance CPU Settings-->
    VT-d = Disable yet enable when or if you want to use windows VirtualBox.
    Intel(R) Speed Shift Technology = Enable
    Ring To Core Offset (Down Bin) = Disable
    CPU EIST Function = Enable
    Energy Effective Turbo = Enable
    Voltage Optimization = Disable
    Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology = Enable

    Active Turbo Ratios = Enable
    Turbo Ratio (1 Core Active) = 51
    Turbo Ratio (2 Core Active) = 51
    Turbo Ratio (3 Core Active) = 50
    Turbo Ratio (4 Core Active) = 50
    Turbo Ratio (5 Core Active) = 50
    Turbo Ratio (6 Core Active) = 49
    Turbo Ratio (7 Core Active) =49
    Turbo Ratio (8 Core Active) =49

    C-State Control = Enable
    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) = Enable
    C3 State Support = Enable
    C6/C7 State Support = Enable
    C8 State Support = Enable

    Advance Voltage Settings -->
    CPU/VRM Settings-->
    CPU VCore Loadline Calibration = High Changed to Normal
    PWM Phase Control = High Perf changed Back to Auto Yet read on TweakTown somewhere I should set to Ext Perf, gigabyte recommend defaults.

    IO Ports--->
    Initial Display Output = PCIe 1 Slot
    Integrated Graphics = Disable
    Aperture Size = 128 I think it's for on-board display memory sharing not 100% sure.
    Above 4G Decoding = Enable, Think its used for display cards with more than 4gb ram?
    Miscellaneous -->
    Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) = Enable
    Software Guard Extensions (SGX) = Enable

    CFG LOCK= leave default unless Mac OS locks part of memory.
    Security Option = Setup
    Fast Boot = Ultra Fast
    Mouse Speed 2x
    Windows 8/10 Features = Windows 8/10 WHQL
    CSM Support = Disable

    Also here is a link to a video of my settings.. from when I started this

    In HWInfo my Under IRF IR35201 VROut is hitting 1.299v I've read but not 100% sure But that's live CPU voltage, I Could really do with a break down of some of the voltages I should keep a eye on in HWInfo or something others use?

    Here is a link to the Z390 Master Rev1.0 F11L GK bios with RGB.
    MD5 B8750D0E22C061C9B92EA54C73D772D4
    SHA-1 B35BAFB536CC9FCE59A1C25CFEDA824DDB902834

    This Bios is a Official Bios from Gigabyte e-Support.
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    Here is a link to the Z390 Master Rev1.0 F11m GK bios with RGB.
    MD5:- 83FD078997C9B088EABA27BE155D5270
    SHA-1:- 55A275680893362E36FAC008F76E572DD573BF86
    Had to rename, as the older bios had the same zip file name
    Again this is from Gigabyte e-Support.