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Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

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  • Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

    The ASRock Technical Support forum is now open and ready for posts!

    When posting questions, please provide as much info as possible such as full system specs, what operating system and drivers you are using and please describe your problem as full as possible.

    This is also an area you can discuss upcoming ASRock products and we will also conduct giveaways and competitions in here from time to time as well. ASRock may also share early BIOS updates and drivers with you here as well.

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    Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

    Welcome ASRock Sean, Don't know ne-thing about your products, but who knows may try one of your X58 boards...


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      Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

      Welcome to TweakTown Sean!


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        Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

        Dear all,
        It is Sean from ASRock.

        I'm so happy to meet you guys in TweakTown.
        Hoping you guys can take around in your free time and share anything in here.

        If anything I can help, you can give a message to me as well.
        I will reply to you ASAP

        Thanks for your welcome!


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          Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

          Thanks for joining.

          I have had so much help in tweak town and welcome the new addition of the Asrock Forum.

          After finishing my second build with a Asrock p55 pro motherboard (bios ver:2.0) I will be sure to need help with my bios settings.
          I will post all details later.

          Thanks and Welcome.
          GAEP45 UD3P rev1.1
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          Ati 4890
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            Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

            Hi sean,
            i will be purchasing the asrock 880g extreme 3 motherboard just wanted to confirm a few facts and compatibility issues?

            1) will this ddr3 dual channel ram work with the extreme 3
            GeIL GV34GB1333C9DC 4GB (2x2GB) PC3-10660 (1333MHz) DDR3 RAM, 1.5v,  2x240-pin DIMMs, Dual Channel, Non ECC Unbuffered, 9-9-9-24,  Brushed-Titanium Aluminum Heat Spreader, Lifetime Warranty.
            2) I have a his radeon 5770 and was wanting to have dual crossfire, can i use any brand with the radeon 5770 series? or is there a specific brand that will work on this motherboard... sorry just building my first pc..


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              Is there a way to make a AMD2 socket read a amd2+ cpu

              I was given a

              AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Kuma 2.8GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core Desktop Processor AD785ZWCJ2BGH - OEM
              • 3600MHz
              • 65 nm Kuma
              • 2 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L...
              • Series: Athlon X2
              • L2 Cache: 2 x 512KB
              • L3 Cache: 2MB
              • Manufacturing Tech: 65 nm
              • Model #: AD785ZWCJ2BGH
              • Item #: N82E16819103677
              The other day from my Techi who was sure itn would work in my PC he built using a Asrock Alive NF6G-DVI as the base motherboard is there anyway at all to get the AM2 socket to read a Am2+ Cpu


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                Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

                Hi Sean
                I'm new to the forum and really do need some help with my ASRock 939A8X-M motherboard and am hoping that you can help in some way. As I posted in the thread at I cannot get the 939A8X-M to work under Windows 7. It might be that I simply need new drivers (e.g. for the on board Ethernet port). Any help or advice you can provide would really be appreciated and I'm sorry to use this welcome thread to raise my problem with you however I'm stuck still with these problems now.


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                  Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

                  Hi all,
                  I have an Asrock 775 Dual VSTA mother board that I would like to overclock.
                  To get the FSB up to 1066mhz from 800mhz will require me to adjust the FSB to memory
                  ratio to suit my pc3200 memory but I can't find this setting in the BIOS.
                  Does anyone here know how to make this adjustment on these motherboads?
                  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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                    Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

                    Hello anyone would like to answer my inquiry
                    i am planning to buy the ASrock 890 extreme3
                    but i saw in there specification on the processor that can support
                    ASRock > Products > 890FX Deluxe4
                    sad to say that it can support almost the processor except for the 920/940 procie
                    and i have a amd Phenom ii 940 procie
                    is there any way so that this board can support my current procie
                    thx in advance.


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                      K7NF2-RAID usb device not recognised

                      Hi all. I hope I am in the right place :) I have an old K7NF2-RAID motherboard that I resurrected to use as a lite gaming machine. I have another pc that I use soley for audio work. I flattened the old pc in question and did a fresh install of Win XP Pro. Now when I plug in a usb drive into any of the ports I get usb device not recognised or has malfuntioned. I have installed the all in one drivers for the K7NF2-RAID mobo but have I missed something?



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                        Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

                        Is this thread is dedicated for technical support? With no response so far, I doubt it


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                          Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

                          Hello Sean,
                          I've a question :
                          I have an asrock ion 330 ht and I want to upgrade the hdd from 320G to 2T (2* 1T) without using raid config.
                          Is it possible because I saw in the asrock doc that there is a limitation of 2 * 500G.
                          Is it correct ?
                          Thanks for your answer


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                            Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

                            Hello, im a newbie here.

                            Welcome Sean,
                            I was hopping one of u guys could help me, i have an ASROCK N68S-UCC + Athlon II x2 250 running @ 3.59Ghz (240Mhz OC) :)
                            My question is i had problems trying to use PCI Ex 2.0 Video cards, with XP and 7, i read that the Nvidia 630 chispet suxs, is there any way to get support or should i discard this Mobo??? I have DDR2 im not planning to get DDR3 in order to buy a M3A785GXH board, it costs the double of mine here on El Salvador, can u help me please?
                            My Video Card is EVGA 9600 GSO 1GB


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                              Re: Welcome to ASRock Technical Support Forum!

                              hi how you all doing. i just finished building my system and it,s pretty quick stock but have been trying to oc and have found that i cant change my cpu ratio settings and hope someone can help me with my problem. i,m using the asrock extreme6 motherboard with the i7 980x cpu, patroit sector7 24gb pc3-10666 1333mhz ram in triple channel, sapphire 5970 2gb, 2x 1tb 10,000rpm velociraptors in a raid config and striped, 1200w coolermaster silent pro golld psu, coolermaster v10 cpu cooler, in a coolermaster 932 haf tower. any tips you can give me would help a lot as i understand at this point i am the only one in north america with this motherboard thanks SKshooter2