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Constant restarting.......

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  • Constant restarting.......

    Well, I got up to go to work this morning and my computer was stuck in an eternal restarting loop.

    It would boot up to the point where you see the WinXp start up screen,but as soon as it tryed to move on from there it restarts.

    Since I had to leave to go to work, I did not get a chance to really diagnose this problem.

    I could not even get it to boot up into safe mode.

    Now I was tinkering with the front side bus speed before I went to bed,I have since returned all the BIOS settings to fail safe defaults just in case.

    So I have a few ideas to start with when I get home,but I would like some input from some of you to maybe shorten my down time.

    I,of course hope that this is a pure software problem and not a hardware failure of some sort.

    But any ideas would be appreciated.....thanks

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    bug or maybe bad drivers, try booting in safe


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      he tried that
      have you attempted to use the "last known good configuration" option?
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        The computer will not boot up no matter what I try (safe mode,last known good,etc.....)

        I ended up formatting and reinstalling everything, but I still am having some problems and they all revolve around my sound card.

        I am having major problems getting the drivers installed and when I think that they are installed the card does not work right or at all sometimes.

        So I think that the sound card may be the root of all my troubles, which is a drag since its only 6 months old:mad:


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          I would suggest that you try the latest 'leaked' Audigy drivers for XP that's out there. I find it to be extremely stable in Windows XP, far more so that the ones available officially at Creative's website. No more Hiss or pops from my Audigy X-gamer either.

          Incidentally, the drivers are actually certified by Microsoft so you don't get the certification warnings when you install it. What puzzles me is why Creative doesn't officially release them since they are much better than the AGPXPdrvupdate that's on their site.

          Here's the forum where I found them. They have mutliple links to the drivers.



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            Thanks for the link, I will definitly check them out.

            Do they need the CD drivers and software to be installed first before you can install them ?


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              Yes, I believe you do. It's an 'update' driver. I just did a minimum installation from the Audigy CD: drivers, AudioHQ, and a couple of applications (Mix Meister, Wave studio..etc). Once you reboot, just unzip the new drivers to a folder and run the CtVrun?.exe (I think that's what it's called) and it will prompt you to update the current drivers.

              One thing I like about this driver was that my system (Athlon XP 1800+) was never stable when overclocked, since many games would lockup after a short while, with a looping sound/tone. They all worked fine when I disabled the audigy and used the onboard sound. The new drivers fixed that, and I am now able to run my bus/cpu at 146Mhz (XP 2000+) without any issues.