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  • Windows 2000 Pro help

    Alright well here at work we have win 2k pro running on all the comps and on 2 i keep getting a weird error, when people open up IE it freezes and when you ctrl/alt/del and try to close the prog through there you get an msg that says "the program cannnot be closed while it is debugging" what the hell is that? I sounds like a trojan to me, but i have run virus scan and nothing comes up, and i have used a trojan finding program like the cleaner and i still cant find anything. Any suggestions will be welcome, and feel free to e-mail me also. Thanks.


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    i had the same problem i just changed the hard drive . norton did not find anything nor did the help desk here at work


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      have you tried making sure disable script debugging is checked under

      tools.. internet options.. advanced?


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        Yeah script debugging is checked. Hmm....anyone got any other suggestions, because scrapping the drive isnt an option, these are work puters, i dont they would like that, hehe.



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          is MDM [the Machine Debug Manager] Running..? I believe it gets installed with office 2000/XP [the one in office XP is called MDM9].

          check the Run keys in the registry for these entries. disable them and see if you still get the error messages.