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SVCHOST.exe is running at 50%

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  • SVCHOST.exe is running at 50%

    Hi everyone , just wanted to ask how to make my svchost.exe stop running and hugging up my cpu. It seems to be constantly running at 50% or my CPU cpasity. This happened after I updated my MB drivers, the via 4in1 drivers...... my GeForce 2 started working and my svchost.exe started hugging cpu.....

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    Try restarting DNS client or stopping it.


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      Well if you want to turn svchost off you could go to
      Control Panel then Adminstrative tools then Services...

      What you will be looking for in the services program is
      "Server" thats what it will be under...

      Supports file, print, and named-pipe sharing over the network for this computer. If this service is stopped, these functions will be unavailable. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

      That there is something to note...

      Alternate way to take care of svchost without shutting it down...
      you could simply hit ctrl alt delete and click Processes tab.

      under that you should see the svchost and a whole ton of processes... just simply turn the svchost prioity down it may help i am not sure...


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        Re: SVCHOST.exe is running at 50%

        ok I tried to lower priority but it says access denied, is there any other way of going around it coz my svchost is running at any remaining percentage after every process, what i'm saying is that if all other processes are running at 20% svchost takes the remaining 80% so my system always runs on 100%, when I stop the service the computer says it will shut down it 45 seconds and it does as soon as the time is up


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          Re: SVCHOST.exe is running at 50%

          Svchost is a process used by a number of MS services. In this case, it's the one for Remote Procedure Call, which must be running or else you'll get the shutdown message you described.

          Unfortunately, I've heard of nothing that will cause this to to take up 100% CPU usage. That said, it's not a huge deal because it doesn't have a very high priority so it shouldn't slow down the system much or at all.

          Still, I'd Google around a bit more if I were you to see if this is a common problem.


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            Re: SVCHOST.exe is running at 50%

            Reformat. Guaranteed to fix the problem. Everything else is bull****. Obviously u have something u can't handle. REFORMAT DUDE! Works everytime.


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              Re: SVCHOST.exe is running at 50%

              That's a really inefficient way to fix minor problems. It also stops you from learning how to prevent them in the first place, which means you'll do the same damn thing again and again and need to continually reformat.