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Real-world: Half-Life 2 Source engine

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  • Real-world: Half-Life 2 Source engine

    I figured it would be nice for gamers to accurately test their machines performance, rather than use synthetics that give rediculously-innacurate results. Half-Life 2 is a perfect game for doing so due to the relatively small size of its timedemos, and is quickly becoming very popular.

    If you don't have Winrar, make sure you grab 7-zip, a free alternative.
    Extract all files to [Drive:]\[program directory]\Steam\SteamApps\[e-mail address]\half-life 2\hl2
    For example, C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]\half-life 2\hl2
    See this for how to run timedemos or make one.
    To access the console, right-click on the Half-Life 2 shortcut and select "Properties." Add -console to the end of the shorcut. For example, mine shows up as:
    "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 220 -game "hl2" -console
    Here are the timedemos:
    Decapitation: Zombies, the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, explosive barrels, and everyting sharp make for a fun time in Ravenholm.
    Kleiners: Just a simple conversation in Kleiner's Lab, with a few parts that stress the GPU, but it shouldn't be hard for most systems.
    Canal Fun: If it weren't for G-Man showing up, I'd think this were a boat-racing game. Lots of physics calculations going on here.
    Lassie:This wouldn't even be a game if you could have a leash on Dog, but it would still stress your CPU and GPU a decent amount.
    Bad idea: See how to waste hard-to-find ammo and squad members on striders that you know you're supposed to run from. It's a good mix of CPU and GPU stressing.
    Source Video Stress Test: Available in CS:S, this is made by ATI and quite easy for those with the game to access. It's also more optimized (likely for ATI cards) than real timedemos, and doesn't seem to give accurate results for HL2. It does give accurate results for CS:S and it's still better than a synthetic.

    CPU-Z, in my signature, can help with the next part for those who don't know their hardware.
    When you list your scores, please include the following things:
    Operating system and service packs
    Video card model and manufacturer
    Processor model (e.g. Pentium 4 2.4C, Athlon 64 2800, Athlon XP 2500 Barton, NOT just "AMD 1800MHz" or "Intel 2GHz")
    Motherboard manufacturer and model
    RAM speed, amount, dual-channel or single-channel, and timings (if you know them)
    Driver version (e.g. Catalyst 4.12)
    Resolution and settings the test was run on. It's preferable to run it with all the highest settings (for those who can), no AA or AF, and 1024x768. If you run it in DX8.1 or DX7 mode, please say so and state what your video settings were.

    To share your results, open up the console with ~ after the timedemo ends, and copy the line that tells you your framerates, or just list the average FPS. An example of the results woud be:
    9920 frames 168.395 seconds 58.91 fps 4.703 fps variability

    Obviously you don't have to use all the timedemos or even any (just use the CS:S test), but the more you use and post the more you can compare performance with others and locate potential bottlenecks.

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    Re: Real-world: Half-Life 2 Source engine

    Darth or AMD_man, please sticky this and contact me about a better hosting method, because even if only a few people go for the timedemos, which I'm kind of expecting, it's still quite possible that my Geocities site will use up too much bandwidth with these things. I've already got them zipped for uploading here (which is why they're zipped and rared), but the file size limit is 150KB for zips...

    Pentium 4 2.0A (Northwood, 400MHz FSB, 512KB L2 cache, 20KB L1 cache)
    768MB PC2100 RAM 2.5-3-3-6 (one stick generic 512MB PC2100, one stick 256MB Kreton Blitz; can't change timings in BIOS)
    Intel D845GRG Motherboard
    Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro overclocked to 391MHz core, 381Mhz (762DDR) memory; 128MB, 256-bit
    Catalyst 4.12 with Catalyst Control Center; AA off, AF off, all settings highest, Catalyst AI on low
    Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 1

    decapitation: 9920 frames 168.395 seconds 58.91 fps 4.703 fps variability
    kleiner's: 3781 frames 59.951 seconds 63.07 fps 5.928 fps variability
    canalfun: 5692 frames 140.383 seconds 40.55 fps 4.093 fps variability
    bad_idea: 3669 frames 81.492 seconds 45.02 fps 3.159 fps variability
    lassie: 4355 frames 108.786 seconds 40.03 fps 3.370 fps variability
    Source Video Stress: 73.46FPS


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      Re: Real-world: Half-Life 2 Source engine

      Stickied. I take it you have to have HL2 installed to run this?


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        Re: Real-world: Half-Life 2 Source engine

        Yep. It might work with the HL2 demo, but you'll certainly need Steam.


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          Re: Real-world: Half-Life 2 Source engine

          Average framerate: 150.84

          asus kbv-se deluxe
          athlon64 3400 1mb cache
          1gb corsair xms(not dual channel)
          PNY 6800 Ultra OC. 454mhz/1.16ghz
          WD 74 gb sata hdd

          Yeah, this was using the CS:Source Test.


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            Re: Real-world: Half-Life 2 Source engine

            correction^^ k8v-se