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  • program to merge partitions

    can anybody tell me if there is a program that can merge partitions without data loss?

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    I don't know about actually merging the partitions, but you should be able to copy your data in a conventional manner and then use something like Partition Magic to adjust the partitions... but be advised that there is a risk when using something like this. While it is generally safe, data corruption can still sometimes crop up. Just remember the basic rule of thumb... BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST!
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      if you backup your files it'll work perfectly
      if you don't it always goes wrong


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        Originally posted by pbatacan
        can anybody tell me if there is a program that can merge partitions without data loss?
        Yes there is, I'ved used it several times and had no data loss. you can also expand a partition, move more space from one partition, shrink a partition. create free space, format a newer free space with several different options, and also literally clone one hard drive to another one and chane the SID on the fly. I've done this with my single hard drive, with 5 windows partitions and 2 linux partitions on it. and it's called System commander. Copy commander is by them and has the partition commander built in and will let you do a multitude of different things. I boot Windows XP, Windows ME, and Linux Mandrake 9.2 My Linux 'sees' all the windows shares and my Xp only sees the partitions it's concerned with and so doe my ME partition. However I can easily "unhide" the OS partition and make it available from the other OS to add or subract files from. Kind of handy sometimes when XP won't let you delete something you really know needs deleted.



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          Your safest bet is to copy else where[over your private net?] or to the same partion that WON't be shrunk.[learned on pm3]..the newest one i have has been easy [pm8 ] and covers even more os'ss..
          and does seem to save data but i only game....
          a copy of "system comander personal addition" was included but i have seperate drives and switch thru bios[ on most systems]
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