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  • Quick hdd format

    I had a windows xp problem about 2weeks ago, and did a quick format, because i know some things can be recovered, does anyone know how to recover this stuff?

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    Did you re-install Windows over the format? Doing so may have wiped the data you want to recover. I have used Get Data Back for FAT/NTFS (differant versions, use the one for your format type.) There are many others out there, but these have worked the best for me. They can scan under new installs, but recovery becomes harder for certain file types(especially compressed and encrypted files). File and folder names can also be altered making it more dificult to find what you want. It can be very time consuming as well. I accidentally wiped an 80GB drive with 60GB of data. It took @ 1 hour to scan and @ 4 hours to recover, and I had not placed any data on it after the quick format. Hope this helps. Good luck.