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Only one raid port

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  • Only one raid port

    Hey all,

    Here is my questions. I was reading a review of the new asus A7V8X... it says it has raid on board, but there is only one ide connector for the raid.

    Is this possible? and if so, will the one channel and two drive connected effect the speed of the array?

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    I copied the following from Asus' site. It is from the specs page for the A7V8X:

    RAID (optional)
    RAID 0 support by two to three Parallel ATA or Serial ATA connectors. RAID 1 support by two Parallel or Serial ATA connectors.

    It seems to me that it has 2 regular parallel ide connectors for the raid.


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      Hmmm, look at the picture on the website.... there are the two regular ide prots...but then it looks like there is one raid port hanging off the edge of the board (near the SATA ports)? :confused:


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        You're right. I even downloaded the manual for the board to have a closer look. Unfortunatly, it's in .pdf format, so I can't copy and paste from it. It seems to say in the manual that raid is based on either serial ATA disks, or a combination of serial ATA and parallel disks(on the connector hanging off the edge). I have built several boxes with raid and never seen one with a single ide connector. This also seems to contradict the info on Asus spec page for the board. I don't know what to say about it.


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          Yeah it is wierd... would there be any point of raid if the disks were on the same channel?


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            No- it would either be really slow, due to both drives having to take turns using the same channel. That is probably about par for Raid 1. Or get writing errors due to data collision, when both drives are trying to simultaneously use the same channel, if you were trying to do Raid 0. All the documentation that I have read on Raid explicitly states that the drives should be on separate IDE channels, regardless of which configuration you choose. If you are doing Raid 0+1, then you set up the one pair of drives as the Master on each channel and the backup pair as slave on each channel.
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