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    hey there

    If my motherboard has on board raid does that mean i can have 2 drives on each raid channel - all using raid 0 and therefor having 1 drive under windows with data being striped too 4 drives or does it mean i will have two drives under windows each stripping data to 2 drives each?

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    On board RAID will allow you have 2 drives on each channel, but they can't all be raid 0. You can do a RAID 0+1. If you are going to RAID 0, you need to have each drive on a separate channel. Otherwise I believe you get into data collision issues. Also, overall performance is degraded, due to both drives trying to use the same communication lines simultaneously. If you want to use more than 2 drives in RAID 0, you will need to buy a RAID controller card. I believe I have seen some for ~US$1,800.00 that will allow you to put up to 8 drives in a RAID 0 configuration.

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        one small question from a n00b ...i plan on buying 2 80 GB Western Digital HD's Special Edition with an 8 MB buffer...will that have any conflicts with a RAID setup?
        thx guys
        - Damien


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          *answered in the thread you started*
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