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  • Raid?

    I know the definition of RAID, but it means nothing to me. If i got what does this mean? Will it make my computer go a billion times faster or something?
    Dont worry, im not afraid to ask ;)

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    OK, RAID stands for Redunant Array of Inexpensive (or Independant) Disks.

    Basically, there are different types of RAID. RAID 0 - RAID 5, combinations (RAID 0+1 for example) as well as a couple others, which aren't important...

    What RAID does it uses multiple hard disk drives together to achieve something else. You might want to RAID 2 20GB hard drives together to make a 40GB drive (increases performance and logical capacity), or you can use RAID to make a duplicate of one drive onto another (for reliability / security).

    Off the top of my head, I can't remember which is which. I think RAID 0 is the merging of the two drives (2 x 20GB = 1 40GB drive) and RAID 1 is the mirroring of the drives (2 x 20GB are exact copies of each other)..

    Now that I look over it, that was a really lame explanation. I hope I don't confuse you more now... :D


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      No, i got it all. I dont think that this is something that i will need if i only use 1 hard drive. Though it would be nice to have a complete backup of my hd...


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        No, you won't need it with only one drive.. you wouldn't be able to use it with one... :D


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          Flash if you get second drive, you can use RAID1 which is mirroring then you have your backup copy online if or primary drive dies or errs
          it automaticlly uses the backup
          with 2 drives you can use RAID 0- stripeing writes asector to 1 drive the next to the other- much better performance but if either drive dies you lose everything
          Raid 0+1 - 4 drives does striping between 2 drive and mirrors to the other 2 - security and speed.
          don't worry about RAID's 2,3,4,5, or 10 they are beyond your needs


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            Re: Raid?


            When deciding how to set up a RAID, you may want to read these:

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