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  • Beeeeeeeeeeep!!

    This is what I get for being nice to my puter and installing 4 fans :D

    when I turn on the power all I get is 1 long beep, over and over.

    I have replaced the RAM and tried 3 different video cards, 2 AGP and 1 PCI.

    No matter what I do I still just get that beep. I tried taking the RAM and Vid card out. Beep. Tried with RAM in and no vid card, same beep. Tried with Vid card in and no RAM, same beep.

    Only thing left I can think of is to clear the CMOS. Any other ideas on how to fix this :?:

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    Well I see you've tried it but, long beeps mean the RAM is loose...


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      That's what I was thinking, but I've reseated the RAM about 5 times to make sure it's in good.

      I even took the one I had back to fry's and got a replacement, just in case I somehow fried it.


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        I wonder if I somehow fried my first DIMM slot :?:

        if so is there a way to force it to ignore slot 1 and look at slot 2?


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          Are you sure you dont have the FSB set to high? maybe you have the bios set to aggresive for the ram chip?

          Just a few thoughts


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            I haven't tweaked my FSB or anything yet

            I did run some tests awhile back and it did say that my chipset can't handle the 266 FSB. I ignored it cause I don't see why the hell they'd put a chipset on a mobo that can't handle the FSB the mobo is supposed to have.

            Guess I'll reset the cmos and hope for the best.

            **crosses fingers**


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              So ya added 4 new fans to the system? have you disconnected them and tried again? it could be that the fans are suckin' to much power from the PSU and not allowin' enough for the memory. :?:
              <center> </center>


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                yah, right now all I have hooked up is the cpu fan, memory, and a vid card

                I just reset the CMOS and reseated the RAM one more time

                still a no go :cry: :(


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                  ok I unplugged the new CPU fan and now I get a short beep, then the long one again

                  when it boots normally I ususally hear 3 short beeps :confused:


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                    btw it's a volcano 6Cu+ cpu fan


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                      so have u got it so that there is enough for the system to boot? a "normal" PST usually reaps one single short beep

                      if you have RAM, Video, CPU, Heatsink and Power applied to the mobo, all should be good, take all these items out - including the cpu, and reseat them, also hook the cpu fan up to external power only, so that there is nothing extra drawing power for the mobo aux power...

                      if u still get beeps, sounds like u may wanna try another stick of ram, or cpu


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                        I have reseated everything several times - except the CPU, I just reseated that once.

                        I guess I'll put the old CPU fan back on to see if that's what's causing it .

                        If not then I guess I'm stuck buyin a new CPU or mobo

                        Thanx for the help all


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                          after seeing the volcano it possible that you have crushed ya core?

                          have u tried just havin your ram in slot 2 and booting or slot 3 only? with different stix o ram...


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                            hmm any way I could tell if I crushed the core? would it be visibly obvious?

                            I did try booting with the RAM in slot 3, but not 2 yet. And did try 2 different sticks, one of them is brand new.


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                              A crushed core could just be having little chips taken out of the corners of the core to full on cracking. :smokin:
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