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help with my new ddr333 motherboard

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  • help with my new ddr333 motherboard

    i have just purchased a Gigabyte kt333 (ga-7vrxp) mother board and i have a amd 1900xp cpu ..2100 ddr cas??
    geforce 3 ti500 video card and great cooling..
    i keep crashing up passed 133mhz fsb ..
    i am unclear why (crashing = Kicked out of whatever to windows xp or reboot of system)..i dont know if it is the memory or video card or what..i know when i have taking my cpu to my friends motherboard we were able to go beyond 150 mzh what could be wrong.
    i know this new Gigabyte motherboard has got some new features that i have never handle before ..and i need some help..

    thanks for your time
    [email protected]

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    Check out the board for a jumper that tells it to default to 133MHz as the FSB setting. If that doesn't work, then go into the BIOS and look for your speed/frequency page. Make sure that you don't have it set to automatically detect information about your CPU. If it is, then you're probably getting conflicting instructions, so it takes the safe way out.
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      there is a jumper that is on 133 i set it..
      i would like to talk to you about this ..i can call you if you dont mind..


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        Heh, that is a different request. We don't usually offer phone support (its not a tech support site), I'm sure we can sort your problem out here.
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          i have check the fsb jumper.. it is set to 133..
          the bios has a setting for 133 and you can adjust it by one mhz..
          the processor is locked so i cant change it he motherboard is set to auto..
          i have the memory set to 2.5 cas..
          all the voltages are set to default..and you can set the agp voltage(1.5v) and ddr voltage(2.5) and vcore voltages all differently(independent)
          i have ddr 2100 memory
          g3 ti500 visiontek video card..

          i am not sure what else you need


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            Don't know if it will help, but try some of these settings...

            - Turn off the CPU Auto-detect. Manually set it to 12 (your default)
            - Start with the FSB set to 133. We'll try to get it higher later.
            - Set your DDR voltage to 2.6v
            - Set VCore to 1.80v
            - Set CAS to 2
            - Set AGP Aperture Size to 128MB

            Boot it up like this to make sure that everything takes nicely. From there, reboot and go into your BIOS and then see if you can get anything higher on the FSB. If not, then you have a hardware limiting factor somewhere in your system.
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              i have done everything you have said except the cas..
              i dont know what cas it is so i set it to 2.5 to be safe..
              i am planning to buy 2700 cas 2 soon as i find some..

              is this a good idea??

              so far i am i bought a 350 wat power supply today and some new coolers for my case so i should be cooler and have more power..


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                Unless you have some sort of cheap no-name memory, then the items you have listed so far shouldn't be a problem. Since the board is functional, it tells me that you are probably suffering from one of your peripherals not wanting to play nicely when you boost the FSB.

                What brand of network card do you use? These little critters are one of the largest hold-ups when it comes to overclocking. Also a list of full system specs might help us narrow down the possible problems.
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                  What is your memory speed? 333 or 266?
                  What is your memory peformance setting? Top Performance?

                  Sorry I don't have this motherboard but I guess your memory can't handle it so your system crash... :(

                  Reference WWW:


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                    did u reinstall windows??
                    Sorry if that sounds stupid, but many ppl dont know windows may go berserk after changing hardware.