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Abit Ic7 Max3 or Asus P4c800-E deluxe?

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  • Abit Ic7 Max3 or Asus P4c800-E deluxe?

    Hello. I am about to order a new PC in a few weeks. I have been trying to decide which motherboard to get. There are two. the Abit Ic7 Max3 and the Asus P4c800-E deluxe. I have read every single forum and review on this WORLD WIDE WEB. :p and have not came to a conclusion. Here is what i have planed out...

    CPU: Intel 2.4c 800FSB
    Heatsink: Thermalright SP-94 + Vantec Tornado 90mm High Output
    Ram: 2XOCZ DDR PC-4200 / 533mhz / Performance Series
    HD: -Western Digital 36.7 GB 10,000 RPM
    -MAXTOR 40.9GB 7200rpm
    Video: Radeon 9800 pro 128mb

    Ok. First of all both motherboards are great. The ram that i have, i have heard does not work well with the MAX3. and the heat sink have picked out i was wondering if it fits the Sp-94, due to the OTES cooling? THe divider problems onteh Max3 i have heard are a big problem but some boards are very lucky and do not have these. The Max3 has a wider range of voltages for the components. BUT the i heard taht Asus has released an improved bios version that gives a wider range. of voltages and im not sure what else they have updated.
    If anyone can start to answer my questions that would be GREAT!:D THANKS

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    Pick the Asus, heard no probs about em'.. Which I can't say bout the Abit.

    One of my brothers is waiting for his New Abit Max3 so it'l be cool to see how it runs though..


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      Come on? any imput at all?!


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        I have an Abit IC7-G Max2...and I have no issues with it. Tho it isnt the MAx3, its close, and I like it. I dunno much aboutthe Asus, but due to the divider issues Id go with the Asus too


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          The thing is that Abit has released a new version of bios taht claims to get rid of the divider problems, and Asus claims to have a new version that fixes the low voltage settings. So after these releases they are IDENTICLE! thats my question.