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  • 1394 network win98

    Is it possible to network via the 1394 standard in windows 98SE. If so how? I installed a dlink 3-port adapter and while it works fine I cannot see the XP computer it is connected to. Thanks

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    are you setting the Firewire as your network adapter? You have to do this so you bind protocols to it


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      In the original article the guy implies he was able to use MMC on his server! I guess then he was using a domain setup as XP-Pro has a fault in workgroup whereby you can't acces remote PCs in MMC without setting privilages to "Everyone" V.Dangerous!!

      I rang MSM and said: "Oi MMC doesn't work on remote PCs!" They tried it on their network and agreed!

      They told me theyd work out an update for the problem but until then how did the writer access his "Monitorless" server????????

      Another issue no ones touched on is that most UK ADSL/CableModems set the IP addresses, which means they won't work if you set static IPs!! Ive used auto assign for a while now and have had no problems, except when you re-enable the network after major alterations and it takes a while for the netwok places to re-establish in the first instance, only!