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  • CCNA's kicked in...

    Hey guys,

    Ages ago I think SileNceR mention that he and I were doing units 1+2 of CCNA this year, thought I'd just mention that it's started and although our teacher isn't that bright (RIQ and PIC) being examples, it's all pretty straightforward so far.

    Yay! :D

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    got no idea that that riq and pic thing is but good luck and have fun(if poss) :) :thumb:
    TweakTown [email protected] Team


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      the teachers so dumb he says RIQ when he means IRQ, and PIC when he means PCI


      good **** guyz


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        oh, ok, i'm getting ya now :)
        TweakTown [email protected] Team


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          Sounds smiliar to all my previous IT and IPM teachers - They mean well but basically they known crap all aside from what a teacher resource book tells them.


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            Thisis Australia remember...

            Im startin TAFE on Tuesday, wonder if ill get the same.


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              My Cisco / IS (Info Systems) teacher was one and the same.. and he also teaches MCP/MSCE stuff.. so he's got a fair idea what he's on about.. most of the time. There is still the odd occasion where you get to prove him wrong. but everyone's like that to some degree...


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                My senior circuit design teacher in college would call it Emos instead of Cmos. He was a graduate level teacher too.


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                  Well, both me and SileNceR got 100% on our first test :D. On to OSI layers now (whoo).

                  Another example of teacher f00ishness (yes, f00ishness):

                  To remember the acronym PCMCIA (gee it's really hard, ain't it?), he breaks it up into:

                  PC M CIA,

                  then imagines a Computer (PC) meeting (M) a spy (CIA).

                  Makes it hard, don't he? ;)


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                    yeah simester 1 is pretty easy. me and Beefy will be starting simester 2 at end of Feb. :D


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                      You will find that semesters 1 & 2 are pretty easy, Semesters 3 & 4 are trickier, you have to do a stupid case study where you have to deck out a big school with a network.