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    well I'll start us off:
    My current Setup is as follows:

    Clarion Dx425 H/u <- selling soon
    Clarion DPX1001.2 Amp
    Kenwood KAC-848 Amp
    Kenwwod 320w 7x10's
    Kenwood 12" excelon Sub <-selling ASAP!


    front Pic of Car

    Boot Pic 1

    Another Boot pic

    Will post more when i get my new gear
    TT Original

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    Nice setup there, Olie! :)

    Here's mine... The left amp is an MTX Blue Thunder Pro (50 watts per channel, 2 channels) and the right amp is a Clarion (100 watts per channel, 2 channels). The sub is a self powered Bazooka, 120 watts with an 8" driver. I have 6" Clarion speakers in the doors, and 6x9 Polk (DX9) in the back. The Clarion amp runs the Clarion door speakers, and the MTX drives the Polks. I like the setup a lot, but I am thinking about trading the Bazooka out for an Infinity Bass-Link, which is a self contained, self powered, 200 watt 10" sub. The Bazooka is good for super low bass, but falls apart a bit when approaching mid bass frequencies. Oh, and the car is a 93 Dodge Stealth ES (one step below the turbo, but 222hp still, it's quick). :)


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      well update:

      new gear is almost here

      Beyond Audio X-One 12"

      Clarion DXZ835MP

      mmmm motorised

      got it all discounted too

      sub rrp: $650
      price: $355 new

      h/u rrp: $800
      price: $690 in the end
      TT Original


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        Here's my head unit. a Pioneer DEH-8400MP. It does MP3, WMA, CD playback and is XM radio ready. Here's a product link and pic for ya...


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          Whoops... forgot the picture...


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            mmm nice h/u :D

            I was thinking duel face... then i saw the price.
            TT Original


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              I really lucked out with that one. I ordered it when they first came out. I was on the phone ordering the DEH-7400MP and they guy said that they were out of stock, but the 8400 just came in that day and it was only $60 more, so I got that instead. I paid $350 plus shipping total for it. Cha-CHING! :) I had a Clarion before this one and loved it, but they didn't have an MP3 player that was in my price range, and I wanted the El Organic type display, so, it all just kinda worked out. :thumb: Cheers!


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                Pioneer 9200R Headunit (retail: $670 paid:$387)
                Sony 754 Amp 50x4 (retail: $319 paid:$10.00)
                Alpine Sub Equalizer (retail: $210 paid: nothing, got it off a one-night stand )
                Pioneer 6959 3-way 6x9's (retail: $120 paid:$100)
                Memphis Audio DVC 2-way 4x6's (retail: $150 paid:$150)
                Rockford Fosgate 250.2 Amp (250w) (retail: $270 paid:$142)
                Rockford Fosgate 12" HE (retail: $130 paid:$57)
                Q-logic type 2 Sealed Box (retail: $70 paid:$62)
                Rockford Fosgate .5 Farad Cap (retail: $90 paid:$60)

                TOTAL-----> RETAIL: $2029 PAID: $968 US FUNDS

                don't forget about the wiring too...which cost nothing :)

                god i love workin at best buy!!!

                want some pics!?!?! so do I, im too lazy to take them, but i might this weekend....


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                  Let me get this straight, some gal gave you an Alpine sub-eq as playment for "services rendered"?? :o


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                    It would be nice if some you ppl would include a location in ya details so we'd know what sort of $'s ya's were talkin' about. :rolleyes2


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                      I am in the US, Santa Barbara, CA to be exact. So, all my currency is in US dollars.


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                        Bog standard Falcon EF system here though it still thumps.


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                          ...and that's all that matters! *thump* :p


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                            Originally posted by revenant
                            Let me get this straight, some gal gave you an Alpine sub-eq as playment for "services rendered"?? :o
                            the next day she was diggin in her trunk for a sweatshirt, and i saw it sittin there, and i was like "you dont use this!?!"

                            she said no, and that i could have it... :confused:

                            i wasnt about to say no...hehehehe :thumb:


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                              lol... right on! I aquired a couch under similar circumstances. I love that couch! :)

                              EDIT:: you gotta love a woman who has an Alpine sub-eq just laying around in her trunk for no good particular reason, also. HEH!! :D