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    We were just featured on the latest episode of Tech TV in the USA!,00.html

    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

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    Awesome! :) I believe PI deserves a big :thumb: on that guide.



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      For those who missed it or are not in the USA, you can watch the part where they mention TweakTown here:

      Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
      Managing Director
      Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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        That's pretty cool - they show the front page of the guide too. Have to remember put my name in 100 Point BOLD font next time :laugh:

        Hope the guide is useful to people. I wrote it because I think there's a tendency among geeks to use complex-sounding words in forums, guides and reviews without ever spelling out what they mean in simple terms. Guides like this one try to spell out the basics so everyone is on the same page and doesn't feel like they're idiots for not knowing :)
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          Congrats man. I watch The Screen Savers every day, tryied to come on and warn ya that youll be getting the load but I couldn't load the page between commercials.

          Jessica Corbin is pretty hot there eh:laugh:


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            Good work as usual.


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              well done PI, i was just reading that guide this morning :thumb:

              too bad i don't get techTV here, would have like to have seen that myself, oh well

              a little free publicity is always good :D


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                No wonder our active user numbers are up. :thumb:

                Can't wait to read the guide.


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                  Ok, I really hate to do this, but I gotta say this.

                  #1 Tweaktown rules, Cameron is awesome, and Koroush is an amazing Windows Tweaker.

                  Now that thats out of the way, I must say that ScreenSavers, and Tech TV in general has really gone down the toilet. When TechTV first started up, it was owned by Ziff-Davis, and was very good. The ScreenSavers was one of my favorite shows, because they discussed stuff that really mattered. They always had hardware manufacturer reps and game developers on, talking about the latest and greatest hardware/software that really mattered to the hardcore computer enthusiasts.

                  But oh how times have changed. Ever since they were bought out by whoever owns them now, it has really become a noob show, I hate to use the term, but its very dumbed down programming. I see 10 minute segments on music editing programs that are included in iMac packages. Im not dissing the Mac (it runs Hollywood, literally) but almost every hardware gamer has got an AMD/Intel system. No regular computer user is gonna spend his/her time watching a TV show about computers, they're probably out drinking with me. :) The truth is they are making programming for non-enthusiasts, while im sure only enthusiasts watch their show. I really dont want to watch TV programming on new toolbars I can download to customize my XP experience by adding a new clock. :)

                  As you can tell, I feel kinda betrayed by TechTV. It used to be awesome, and then pretty much sold out to get some higher ratings. Im glad to see Tweaktown on semi-prime time TV, but Cameron man, I wouldnt get too buddy buddy with them, or you might just end up having "This is how to change your Time Zone" articles littering up the front page :) A word of caution from the Fatguy! :thumb:

                  But anyway, awesome guide PersianImmortal, way to go! Dont let all the publicity go to your head, just get some head because of your publicity :devil:



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                    I've never actually watched an episode of techtv, but it can't be a total noob show. Anyone under that category wouldn't have a clue what to do with a Linux distro like P.H.L.A.K., which apparently aired tonight. Now that is a disto no 'noob' should ever have a hold of ;)

                    Oh, and I think Paul Allen (Mr. Bill's old buddy) currently owns TechTV; at least that's what I've been told.


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                      Thats the thing that I love about TechTV. They show a bit of everything. I admit that sometimes I do get a bit bored on thier segments, like last nights one on Brian Eno. Not that I dont like him, but just because he created the Win95 startup sound, doenst mean all techies and geeks alike are going to be interested.

                      They have Leo, the mac lover. Patrick can do a bit of everything. Kevin Ross, usuaully does hacking and linux stuff. Yoshi whos the modder, along with his mod mania book. Then theres Jessica who does the tips (as you seen yesterday). Sara does Google and News. So as you can see, you got macs, windows, linux, hacking, moding, and Jessica:D.

                      I find it really a great network. Always something for everyone. I think it is available to Australia if anyone wants to check it out. Just do remember that they dont know everything so sometimes you may not see eye to eye with them.


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                        I think for the most part it is geared toward those who don't know everything. What's wrong with that?

                        Yes, it has changed a whole lot. What hasn't?

                        I still get a kick out of the show on the rare occasion I get to watch it.
                        (been a handy freeware or two that I've discovered through the program as well) :)

                        They seem to cover a variety of topics, none too deeply of course.
                        Whatever happened to the "Fridge Picture" anyway? It was a proud day for me when my PC was chosen for Fridge Pic.

                        Leo has been around the PC scene for a long time and Pat has got some skills too, no doubt about it.
                        True enough though, I don't always agree with the advice they give sometimes (as in, it can be wrong). But as was stated, they often assume all of their audience is on the "noobish" side - while that is not always the case.

                        Given the viewing line-up offered, TechTV can be a real bright spot in a plethora of otherwise mindless and mundane viewing choices.
                        Truthfully, I wish I was able to see more of it, in particular The ScreenSavers. They try very hard, and at times they rock.

                        Did I mention Patrick and I were born in the same hospital, not far from the Super Computing Laboratory?
                        The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                          Originally posted by Mr. C
                          True enough though, I don't always agree with the advice they give sometimes (as in, it can be wrong).
                          That happens to the best of people... *looks around*


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                            Originally posted by Mr. C
                            they often assume all of their audience is on the "noobish" side - while that is not always the case.[/i]
                            This is unfortunately the way it has to be. They can't exclude a significant portion of the market, and their potential growth by only restricting conversations and tips to advanced stuff. I find the same issues with my all guides - I have to assume that at least a fair portion of the audience may not know certain terms or common techniques and spell things out. Things like going on and on about updating drivers. Everyone should know this, but a surprisingly large number of people don't fully know where/how to keep drivers updated.

                            At least from the sounds of it Tech TV is a whole lot better than any computer shows we've had in Australia. The ones here have been atrocious, often just shameless fronts for a department store (Harvey Norman) or for flogging off a range of products.
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