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wat u like about mr tweak

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  • wat u like about mr tweak

    i think we should all name 3 things we like about Mr Tweak cause he is the one who set up the forums and all

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    well ithink
    1. hes a conversationalist
    2. hes funny
    3. hes lived in tanunda


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      Well here's what I think of him;

      1) Very good looking, a hit with all the chicks
      2) One of the funniest guys alive
      3) Can make a mean caserole.

      Ohhhh crap crap...... This was meant to be posted under another name!!!!!!!!!!! :p


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        Easily done :D
        1. We get along well
        2. Have alot in common and it's a pleasure chatting with him on msn.
        3. Very easy to talk to and have a heart to heart every once in a while.
        4. Without Mr T none of us would be here
        5. With the creation of TT I'm sure he has made may new friends, one of them being me!!!

        (Dont get :o Mr T we luv ya) :D


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          1.) He puts up with me.

          2.) He has a really neat website + forum

          3.) He's a heart-breaker and a earth-shaker


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            1) He puts up with me calling him on his mobile at any time of day

            2) The best forums in the world are on his website

            3) Easy to talk to (unless drunk) :D


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              Three things hmmmmmmm.......




              THIS IS SOOOOO HARD.

              Just kidding tweaky

              1. hes a great bloke to hang around with
              2. a great bloke to drink with
              3. a great bloke to go the stri..........we won't talk about that
              4. and oh yeah, i think he knows someting about computers


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                hehe......WS and Slamo appear to be trying for extra credit on their assignment.


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                  I hate multi point questions :cry:

                  1. The founder of TT without which i would not know so many more nice ppl

                  2. Cares for the ppl in this site as well as the site

                  3. A genuine nice guy all round

                  there that doesn't really cover it all but I did stick to the three specified


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                    Originally posted by Mr. C
                    hehe......WS and Slamo appear to be trying for extra credit on their assignment.

                    Im just telling the truth, no bull**** involved :thumb:


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                      Originally posted by Wiggo's-sister
                      (Dont get :o Mr T we luv ya) :D
                      It takes a lot to make me embarssed. Anyone who knows me will vouch for that... :)


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                        I'll just have to try harder then wont I :?:


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                          Seems that way, but don't try too hard because I might end up looking stupid... :D


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                            [list=1][*]he's friendly[*]you can crap on a bit to him[*]he made me a moderator :D[/list=1]


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                              1. he puts up with me
                              2. he is nice to me
                              3. we had fun burning stuff when we were little