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One week left at home with the parents!

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  • One week left at home with the parents!

    Christmas has came early. I got a call from John and Fiona Gatt from VIA Technologies (Taiwanese chipset maker) in Australia today telling me they have good news. As some may know, I've been working for VIA for the past few months, part time, while I was still at school completing year 12. Well, today I got word that effective immediately I have a full time job with VIA Technologies. I'm looking very keen to hitting the challenges of leaving home, bring it on baby! :)

    I haven't been this happy in ages, job security is great, I've been tense for the past two or so months waiting to find out. So resulting of the job, I will be moving to Melbourne between Christmas and New Years for a very early January start. Life has stepped up to a new level of excitement I've experienced before.

    I'd like to assure everyone right now that TweakTown is in capable hands - I will no longer being writing for the site, but I will be keeping a very close eye on things. Ever since I got the part time job with VIA, Mike Wright (better known in the forums as Darth) has done an absolutely fantastic job handling all editorial tasks - I owe Mike a thousands thanks. He is someone I will always look up to with respect - He takes so much pride in TweakTown and everything he does. Mike, you rock. Words really can't explain how appreciative I am of you. I'd also like to thank everyone else who has played an active role in the successfulness of TweakTown, again, you all rock.

    I will still communicate with all of you in the forums as usual, except my time will be somewhat limited from now on so my posts won't be as regular.

    Life's good, thanks for listening and I thank you all for making TweakTown what it is today!

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    good luck and all the best :D
    TweakTown [email protected] Team


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      Great news, Cameron! Hope you'll be happy and successful!

      And yeah, I'd also like to thank Darth for all the work he's put in over the time he's been editor of TT - great work mate! :D


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        farewell cameron

        best wishes on your yob

        i hope you enjoy yourself

        i would like tothank you for starting this site and making it such a "Welcome" place

        on ya mate :thumb:
        TT Original


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          congrats mate.. :thumb:


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            I'm happy for you Mr. Tweak!
            Best of luck to you!
            The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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              That kicks arse Tweak ! Nice work :thumb:

              Hope it goes well for you. Can I ask what it is you're gonna be doing with VIA ?

              Hopefully I'll get some work soonish too :( Saaaaay... maybe you could put in a word for me ?! Lol, just kidding

              All the best,



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                I will be doing all types of different tasks with VIA's technical support portal - VIA Arena ( I will be writing articles and reviews, helping people in the forums and basically making VIA Arena better than it already is! :)


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                  Cool ! I'm sure you'll do a great job ;)

                  I'll have to remember to head over and check it out from time to time.


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                    Good luck Tweak:D
                    hope u enjoy ur time workin for VIA, see ya round:wave:


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                      Good to see life is looking up for you Mr T.
                      Congradulations and Good luck with your future and hoping it brings you many years of happiness.
                      :cry: We'll miss not seeing you around so much.


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                        Congratulations Mr Tweak, Its not often someone gets an oportunity like this, but from what I've seen of Tweak Town since the first time I surfed across to the site I'm of no doubt that you've earned all that your getting. I've always enjoyed reading the reviews and news items and I'm not surprised that VIA have snapped up someone with your talents.


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                          Best of luck Tweak and enjoy. :thumb:
                          I'll have a few for ya this arvo. ;)


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                            Wow, first The Wiz gets an assignment in Saudi, now Mr T will be moving away from home (albeit to Melbourne, but hey...) Congrates. I say let it go to your head - you're entitled to be all excited!! :p

                            I sure hope this Tweaktown luck will rub off on me. I could do with a little work over this summer break. Some spending money for a GF3 and a replacement phone would be nice to kick off 2002. :geek: Ah, one can dream...

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                              Thanks for all the kind comments guys! :)