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  • Quivers in some games

    Hey all,

    I just rencently upgraded from a GeForce 2 GTS to a GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB 8xAGP card. Things have been working fine for the most part, except for a few games. I can play games like Simcity 4, CNC Generals, and Splinter Cell fine, but when it comes to any game using the Quake 3 engine (JK2 and MOHAA) and Neverwinter Nights, I get a jittery screen.

    I've done everything my friend and I could think of: make sure monitor drivers were up to date, directx 9.0, detonator 43.45, and ensuring the monitor refresh rate was equal to the game.

    Has anyone got some other ideas? Should I roll back the detonator drivers to an early version?


    edit: I run this on a PIII OC'd 900 mHz (from 800), Asus P3V133 mobo, 256 MB PC-133 RAM, MSI Dragonwriter CD-RW machine.

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    Just a guess but you might be a bit low on RAM for the Quake3 engine. My video card don't compare to yours but I know upgrading from 256 to 448 MB of PC133 RAM made a fair difference with my system. If you are using XP it would prolly be worth the money to throw more RAM at it and see what happens.
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      erm, why would you upgrade to 448 megs of RAM? RAM is so cheap nowadays that a system without 512 megs is not living up to its potential.

      I would try this:

      Then reinstall Detonator 43.45.


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        Why do I need more ram with a more powerful card? I never had these jitters with my old GeForce 2.


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          Might take a bit more CPU usage because it can handle a lot more... but it sounds like a bad driver file somewhere.

          Ask over at nV (see siggy)--the Great Driver Gurus (a group to which I am not a member and really have no desire to be with my Uber-GeForce 3! WOOOHOO FOR GEFORCE 3... no, not really.) would probably tell you the same thing about using DriverCleaner or something like it to make sure all of your old driver files are gone.

          Same thing when somebody switches to an ATI card from an nVidia card or vice-versa--they have pretty big problems until they either reformat or use one of those programs to make sure all of the ugly bits of the old driver are removed.


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            I used the detonator rip and it didn't help...


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              Just to let everyone know, I fixed the problem with my graphics card. For those that are curious, apparently even when you specify a monitor refresh rate, WinXP does not use it and defaults back to 60 Hz. There's a detailed explanation of how to fix this problem in the TweakTown WinXP Tweak Guide (Pt 1) and it worked like a charm for me. :)

              Thanks for the suggestions.