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3d Os?

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  • 3d Os?

    what OS is best 4 3D preformance
    I say XP is
    my friend says ME
    my other Friend says 2000?

    which one do you think it is and y?

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    I'll go for WinXP. The new enhancements within the OS make it a very workable 3D solution, or in any other area for that matter. There used to be some discussion that Win98 was better, but with the latest updates those issues have been pretty much laid to rest.

    Win2k won't win in this arena because it was designed from the very beginning as a corporate operating system. It is not optimized to run 3D applications at fast speeds.

    WinME won't get my vote for anything. This was the poorest excuse of an OS that I have ever seen. With the compatibility problems and stability issues, it just downright sucks. Anyone using it should drop back to Win98SE if they're not ready yet to use an NT kernel based OS.

    Just my :2cents: worth here. :)
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      I second that. I used 98/2000/XP. 98 was fast, 2000 was stable
      and XP settled in between. Only the ease of installing XP was enough to win my heart. No more changing to 30 different cd's to set up all the drivers. Just install and play. The only downside on XP was the built-in firewall. It took me some time before I found out why I had problems with certain games. Switched it off and it has been working like a dream ever since


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        XP - vote

        2000 - Used it at work, not good with 3D Studio Max

        ME - never wanted it, don't know


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          XP for modern PC's and 98/SE for older ones.


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            As always, I have to agree with Wiggo. :D I just upgraded my OS to XP from 98SE and it made a huge difference. Better performance, I mean think 98 was 5 years ago...



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              anyone tried 3d games on linux ive heard that wine X can emulate half-life and get all right frames?


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                That question ya'd be better off askin' in the Linux forum to get the right info.


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                  a pal o' mine switched to xp(pro) from 98 and suffered some serious fps fall. i asked if he had installed the drivers of the chipset and graphics correctly and he said yes. i wonder if this is because he has 256meg of Ram, but than i think not 'cos he has rd800 rams installed.
                  any ideas