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  • performance problem

    My game performance decreased and I don`t know the cause of it. I tried most of the det. drivers. And I installed directx 9. The point is that in the game it doesn`t effect whether or not how high the settings or how high the resolution is I always get same fps. Any suggestions or help higly appreciated.

    Geforce 3 ti 200
    p4 1.5
    512 mb pc-133
    gigabyte titan 8idxh mb
    win 2000 sp2

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    You say that you have been playing with graphics drivers? In that case, go into the Advanced Settings area and make sure that V-Sync is disabled completely. Otherwise you won't be able to get any higher FPS rates than you have your resolution set to.
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      Yes v-synch is off. But the point is that I don`t know whether it is hardware or sotware related problem. System seems to run ok I checked it with sisoft sandra. And every time I use a different det. driver, performance changes but not very much.


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        what game is it?


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          And in system info video card and sound card are all share the same irq. Can it be possible?


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            Splinter Cell. And by the way my 3dmark 2001 se score is 4200.
            It should be around 6k.


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              I was having awful FPS's in UT2K3 because my sys was outdated. I used to be running a DirectX 7 Generation card: Radeon 7500 64 meg card on a 1.4 P4 with PC133 ram also... It was unbearable. My suggestion is to upgrade bro, and I know not everyone has a bottomless wallet but I have seen an undescribeable difference in my gaming. FPS rates went throught the roof, literally!!! If you don't have the dough to upgrade, Darth is the guy to listen too. Good luck Bro!:o