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What about the 9600?

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  • What about the 9600?

    You guys are all taking about the 9800, and we all know it will be a hell of a card and kicks @$$. But what about the budget cards. the 9500 is a much better buy then the 9700 if u are kind of on a budget. So, what is the 9600 going to be like. there also making a pro version, which i dont think was there for the 9500 (maybe mistaken). Also what do u guys think the prices are going to be? ATi's website sucks and doesnt give you any proformence details. And do u guys know when there coming out?
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    Ment to be a good cvard and i am waiting for it at the moment. Butr there are many rumours sudjesting it will be slower than the 9800 because it doesn't support the 8 pipeline architecture of the 9500:rolleyes: