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  • R-9700 problem

    I nave problems with getting a 9700 to run on a P4PE. I have a 9000 pto II running now. If you have a P4PE with a 9700 running on it. Tell me how you did it, I keep getting a "No VGA Found" and then it loads winxp.

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    have you had that particular R9700 running correctly in any other system?


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      How can you see it say "no VGA found" when it can't find a VGA card?? Just Kidding! ;) Seriously, if you can test the card in another system and it's bad, then you know what's up. But if it works in the other system, you can try this in yours. Check the setting in your bios which tells the motherboard what type of VGA card to expect, the choices are PCI and AGP, and the default is generally set to PCI (in my experience) but you should set it to AGP (is there even a PCI 9700? Other than the PCI express version). This setting is usually somewhere in the advanced chipset features section, I think. I know my machine worked fine with this set to PCI (I swiched it to AGP, though), but maybe your mobo/vid card combo is a little more sensitive, who knows. Hope it helps....


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        :) hehehe: The P4PE has a voise editor, a female voice tells you setup is complete, then " has not found vga card..... ". Thankx a lot ..... have found the card.......bad card. Sent an e-mail to Explosive Labs, they went thru the setup and said if it still didn't work, then the card was bad. Spent good money to have the card checked, it was BAD, will have a new one by Monday. I needed the fastest card there is for CFS3. I can only get 20 fps at 50 ft above the ground. Crash and burn a lot.
        :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D