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PPL with VooDoo3/4/5 and Win XP!

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  • PPL with VooDoo3/4/5 and Win XP!

    Ya may want to check this out as it's got how to run in Glide on Windows XP . :smokin:
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    That's great for folks with older hardware. (like me for instance)

    Mr. Gates just doesn't get it, who's gonna' switch Windows OS's - if the hardware isn't supported.

    You got your good deed for the day Wiggo:thumb:

    I'm trying to tackle an OS switch, but not to another Win, so I don't expect the hardware to be supported. (darn good thing too, as it turns out. LOL)

    I want to get intimate with Linux and break the bonds Mr. Gates has placed upon me. (he just hasn't done much for me lately, keeps telling me my OS is out dated/unsupported, that I need new hardware, and imposing imperialistic policies over the alternatives he provides)
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      I thought that may interest ya Mr.C but also a few others have asked about it as well. It was in the emails this morning and posted it in the Web News but I thought it would be good to have it here as well. ;)
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