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  • Ti4200 & 4600!

    Is it possible to outperform a Ti4600 card that have 4x agp with a 4200 wich uses 8x agp? Could that give me higher fps within games??

    I though it may pay of to give in a bit on the gpu speed to gain agp bandwith instead...

    Just curious...

    (If used on a agp 8x motherboard of course)

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    no a GF4 4200 with 8x cannot beat a GF4 4600 with 4x it cannot even beat a 4400 with 4x agp. If u need any benchmarks they can be found at


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      max Better Look out for the Majorly OVa Clockable OTES by ABIT
      its got the ability too wipe the floor with the ti-4600 if you can spare the two slots it takes up for cooling. ~..::pr0::..
      will write more on otes later.
      btw OTES i refer to is the 4200 at 120 USD


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        Yeah, really impressive oc shown in the test! 275 to 333 Mhz!?
        Woah! :thumb:

        It can't beat the 4600 though in the benchmarks shown, even with max oc done.

        But i just read that the card just comes in a 64 mb memory edition and not 128, which isn't good for sutch a fast high performance card...



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          ya i saw that and it is preatty impresive :thumb:


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            actually ABIT has set their Siluro Ti 4200 OTES at 275Mhz core speed by default. "This is the same core speed of the Ti 4400. The memory clock for a standard 64MB Ti 4200 is 500Mhz DDR. ABIT has set their Siluro Ti 4200 OTES at 550Mhz DDR memory clock. The same as a Ti 4400. So basically we have a Ti 4200 that is operating at Ti 4400 speeds right out of the box! And it is kept stable and cool thanks to the OTES system." - hardocp

            "Overclocking was made easy by using coolbits to unlock the overclocking utility in the NVIDIA drivers. The range it gave me for this video card was more then enough to overclock with. Remember, this card is already clocked at Ti 4400 speeds out of the box, surpassing any regular GF4 Ti 4200 without even doing anything. It ran cool and stable at the default clock. By overclocking I was able to achieve a maximum stable overclock of 305 MHz on the core. Ti 4600 clock speed is 300 MHz for comparison. While it is good that I achieved over Ti 4600 speeds this is actually not un-common with other Ti 4200 video cards. In fact, I was able to get our Gainward GeForce4 Ti 4200 card up to a stable 320 MHz core clock. Heat is obviously not the issue here then with overclocking the Ti 4200 core. In fact, it may be more of manufacturing process quality that determines the max stable clock speed of these cores. I did try 320 MHz and even 325 MHz with this core. When I did that it would run for about 5 seconds, then start pausing and getting real slow running the benchmark, then speed up again to normal speed, but then slow down about every 5 seconds. It did this at anything above 305 MHz. So with this core it may not be a heat issue, since this core is getting some incredible cooling, but rather quality of the core itself. It really is luck of the draw out of the bin as to what maximum clock you get out of the core considering its stock intended speed is 250 MHz." so essentially it is the god of Overclocking for 120USD and can clock equal with ti-4600 and comes out of the box clocked even with the ti-4400 even though its the 4200. "stable 600 MHz DDR overclock. This is great actually considering this is plain ole TSOP RAM chips without any kind of passive cooling at all! Hynix has always been good memory for overclocking. So our final stable overclock was 305/600 (core/mem)."
            quotes from HardOCP

            The memory did exceptionally well. I was able to achieve a stable 600 MHz DDR overclock. This is great actually considering this is plain ole TSOP RAM chips without any kind of passive cooling at all! Hynix has always been good memory for overclocking. So our final stable overclock was 305/600 (core/mem).

            Pics of It

            The Cooling SYS on the TI4200

            THe DualSlot design.

            i know its alot but heres a third pic (sorry Modem Users!)


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              my msi ti4200 oc'd 315/550 gets a MO3d2001 mark of 11,300.

              i'd like to push it further since it is still cool but any higher and i get stability problems.


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                I've got the same card, but can't get it stable at those clock speeds--do you have any extra cooling?

                where do you buy those memory heatsinks?


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                  i have an exaust fan in the first pci slot just below agp. the fan on my msi ti4200 draws the heat off the card into the exaust and out of the case.
                  a great place to get cool stuff is
                  also check for computer fairs near you:thumb:


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                    Not to mention it's like..200 bucks. You can't go wrong. :P


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                      i've got that pci slot fan in the slot right below my msi card now. I can oc it stable to 270/585, but any higher than that, I get artifacts when playing games. (I can go higher just surfing the web and such)

                      any suggestions on being able to oc it higher?


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                        The OTES is a copy of the FX reference
                        well so I'm told
                        look similar
                        It also sounds like a jet, its that old PC thing
                        noise vs performance
                        another review


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                          try setting your core clock to 300 then select auto adjust for the memory. if everything is stable when you benchmark or play a graphic intense game, turn the core to 315 and auto the memory again and find a happy medium.
                          remember i have the 128mb card.
                          also check your bios settings, make sure you are set to 4x and 128 agp apeture.
                          i am trying to find out what the agp comp driving does but no one replied to my thread.:geek: