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gforce ti4600 3dmark problems

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  • gforce ti4600 3dmark problems

    hi, ive just got a new computer from evesham, with an MSI gf4 ti4600 card, 512mb ddr ram and an amd 2400+ processor.

    Ive had it for about a month now, and decided to run 3dmark expecting 11,000 marks +, however I got only 9700, which, when i compared it with others was around a radeon 8500 or a ti4200.

    i cant see any bottlenecks in my system, so whats wrong! any tweaks, advice or help would be apreciated ( ps i just downloaded new drivers which i installed over the top of my old ones)

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    Ya problem is probably just the way ya PC is setup and the background processes that are runnin' in the backround but here's some links to help ya out with the fine tunin' and tweakin'.
    Have ya motherboard manual with ya while ya check these out and become familiar with the BIOS setup and anyother jumpers and/or dipswitches that maybe involved. Also thoroughly read them first before doin' anything to ya PC and backup beforehand just in case of a prob. Another tip is to only do one tweak at a time and test it to make sure that it doesn't affect things the wrong way first before heading onto the next one. ;)

    Good luck. :thumb: