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Win ME + ATI Xpert 2000 = Problems!!!

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  • Win ME + ATI Xpert 2000 = Problems!!!

    Hi There

    I have a Pentium 3, which runs Win ME. Every time this PC is started, Win ME has to load a generic PCI video driver.
    Then, I have to manually update the driver for the good one for my video card.
    Why dosen't Win ME remember that good driver when it starts? How should I fix this?
    I have downloaded and installed the most recemt driver from ATI. Once the good drivers are manually installed, I can resart the PC and it will restart with the good driver, but if I shut down the PC, and reboot it after a minutes or so, Win ME still has to load that generic driver. Help Please.


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    That particular video card was a pain with a good os let alone ME but the first thing to check would be to check to see if the os is missing some files that could be the prob and this [url=]article[/ur] will explain what files and how to fix if necessary. Do this before ya reload the driver again. ;)

    Other than that I'm really not sure what's goin' on. : peace2:


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      Try this. When you reboot and it installs the generic driver go to the system profile for the display drivers and do an update to the drivers and of course point it to the directory that contains the new drivers. See if that works I can't say as if I ever had any trouble with an ATI card still have one of those on an XP system and it plays some games better than my G4mx420 (still working on that). Well good luck.


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        Hi there,
        Here's some more news on that problem.....

        SYSTEM: Motherboard FIC KA-6130, CPU Intel Slot 1 P3 450MHz, Video Card ATI Xpert 2000 Rage 128GL AGP., Windows ME.

        Here's the problem:
        The motherboard was flashed with the latest BIOS upgrade, "QA4163". When it was flashed, the video card was an old ATI 8meg PCI. No problem after the flash other than; in system device, the "VIA TECH VT82C596 PCI to ISA Bridge" had an error, "Windows could not load the driver for this device because the computer is reporting (2) two ISAPNP.VXD bus type. (code 2)". The computer was running fine otherwise.
        Installed the NEW VidCard ATI Xpert 2000 Rage 128GL AGP. Now every time the computer is shut down to cold (5 minutes or more), when rebooting, it will only recognize the video card as an ordinary PCI VGA card with only 16 colors and 800 x 480 resolution. After one or two "Start, Shut down, Restart" it finally recognize the card with all its settings.
        Downloaded the newest drivers from ATI, but no change.
        Tried a clean install of Win 98SE, which recognized it on installed, but as soon as the PC was shut down cold and rebooted the same problems occur, and the "PCI to ISA Bridge" problem was gone.
        Tried a clean install of Win XP Pro, which recognized it on installed, and solved the problem; BUT too many software and other devices not working with XP.
        Tried a clean install of Win ME, which recognized it on installed, but as soon as the PC was shut down cold and rebooted the same problems occur.
        Read somewhere about extracting the following drivers, "configmg.vxd, vdd.vxd, vflatd.vxd, ios.vxd, ntkern.vxd, vcomm.vxd, vmouse.vxd vdmad.vxd, vpowerd.vxd" from the WinME CD to the C:\Windows\System and Windows\System\VMM32, but still no change.

        One way to solve the problem is to keep the computer running all the time and putting it in stand-by mode when not in use, but it is still not fixed properly.

        Help Please,


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          I work on PC's for a large company and we mainly use the Ati Xpert 2000 cards. At my work, I have found out during the installation of about 60 of these cards that if you use the downloaded drivers it doesn't work right. I encountered many cards with the same problem as yours. When I used the installation CD from ATI, that always worked. Have you always had this problem? Have you used the ATI drivers CD? Also, in my opinion, and I'm sure many others too, this card is a very problematic. If you don't have much money to spend on good card, I would recommend buying a Geforce 2 GTS or Pro card. It has the same amount of memory (32MB) as the ATI card but works much better.


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            I wouldn't recommend an ATi Xpert2000 to anyone - it's a 128bit GPU & very out dated
            for basic dirt cheap video a GF2mx of a Radeon7000 would be much better & still only cost about $35USD