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Dumb Dual Monitor Question

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  • Dumb Dual Monitor Question

    Do I need two video cards to do this? Would I need to have the exact same resolution on both monitors?

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    Not necessarily, and no.

    Resolutions and settings are configured for each seperate screen, so you can have them how you please.

    There are two ways of doing a dual video setup.

    1) Get a video card that is capable of outputting to two displays by itself (Geforce 4 Ti range can do it, older Matrox cards can)

    If you've got the money / the card already, this is the better way to go in my opinion. The card can be configured (in your Display settings) to output to two different sources at once, whether they be two screens, screen + TV, or whatever (depending on the card).

    2) Get two video cards

    By having either 1 AGP + 1 PCI card, or 2 PCI cards, You can simply hook up a screen to each one. A lot of people simply buy a cheap, 2D PCI card for this so it can display stuff while they use the other card for games / work / etc. This is a little more complex to set up, as settings may need to be tweaked a little to get it working properly, plus the cards may not like each other. :)


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      I plan on getting a Albatron Ti4200 in the next week or so, will I be able to do dual monitor on that? I've seen some pics of it and it has only one VGA out, one LCD out and one S-Video Out.


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        With that card, you will be able to output to any two outputs the card has. However, you can get an adapter for the LCD connection which will convert it to a standard VGA connector, allowing you to use two standard screens.


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          You'll have to check that particular card, but I know that some cards ship with a dongle to convert the LCD out to VGA.


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            most ATi cards since the Radeon8500/7500 generation have dual monitor support as well - same as the Geforce one 15pin D-Sub & one DVi out with a dongle to convert it


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              Yes the 9700Pro has a dual moniter setup. Comes with an adapter to change the one connecter to a standard VGA one. :thumb: