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O/Cing my Ti 4400

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  • O/Cing my Ti 4400

    Hi all, ass ussual thx in advance for any info.
    I have a Visiontek Xtasy Geforce4 Ti 4400. I was just wondering how do i o/c the thing? Never realy tried this before so any pointers you vetrans could give me would help out allot.

    Athlon XP 1800
    ASUS A7V333 Mobo
    256 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM
    400 Watt Power Supply ( additional fan on p/s )
    Geforce4 Ti 4400
    40 GB 7200 Rpm HDD

    As far as cooling goes, between the dragon orb on the cpu, slot fan, bay cooler on the HDD, 80mm fan in the rear, the additional fan on the p/s, my average cpu temp is 50 C and my mobo runs at around 32 C unless it's hot inside then the Mobo jump to 42 C tops.

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    I personally use Riva Tuner. You can get it over at Guru3D


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      Run -> Regedit

      Hkey_local_machine -> nVidia Corporation -> Global -> nvTweak

      add a Dword called "coolbits" with a hex value of 3

      restart your machine and adjust your clock through advance display setting


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        well for starters i'd get decent case venilation...that can help ALOT

        use a 3rd party program such as nvmax or coolbits reghack to overl**** your ram and core seperately so if it crashes u can be sure on wat caused it...increase ram or core in 5/10mhz increments until artifacts(onscreen corruption) show or it crashes wen looping 3d mark or gaming a taking game for extended time...if it doesn't crash after 2 hrs you can be sure it's stable...

        i find 3dmark 2001 to be the best for stability testing cos it stresses your card to the max and you can let it loop while u do othe things...not on your PC though....wen looping watch for the first 10-15mins for artifacts...if no artifacts appear after this time it's safe to leave it alone and let it loop and possibly crash:afro:


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          btw the best way to give extra cooling is to mod an intake fan on the side of your case...preferable a 120mm...this way it blows fresh air onto your video well as helping with overall airflow on your system:afro:
          also if u havn't done this b4,
          modding a fan on your case side isn't as daunting as it sounds...or u need to do is to measure where you are going to put the fan and cut a hole using a dremel.nibbler or holesaw....and then drill 4 holes for your fan to screw into...if you don;t have any power tools i suggest u go down to your local dick smiths and buy yourself a nibbler...they cost about 20-25 bucks and are very simple to use....btw i'm assuming you live in australia....:cheers: