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interrupt request for ABIT BE6

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  • interrupt request for ABIT BE6

    i have a geforce 4 ti4400 by visiontek (okay i guess) on a BE6...i recently had a hanging prollem with hardcore 3d engines (empire earth and dungeon seige, but not quake 3 based games). I called the tech sup[portfor visiontek and they recommended i set the interrupt request for the agp/nvidia to 10 or 11. It is on 09 by default. I said "okay, how do oi do that?" They said "uh, ida know". SO i ask you, my freinds, how do you set up the interrupt request on an ABIT BE6 motherboard? The manual doesnt tell m e nuthin'. Thank you, and may all of your babies be born naked.

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    Don't know that it would work by setting the IRQ, but you can change it by going into the Control Panel, System, Device Manager. From there, you'll want to double click on the video adapter to bring up the three tabs under the properties of the device. The last tab will allow you to change the addresses of the video card. Just make sure that it doesn't interfere with anything else that may already be using IRQ 10 or 11 though. The new conflict could actually make matter worse.

    I would also highly recommend writing down all the settings your video card currently uses before trying this. That way you can change them back to normal if it screws your system.

    Good luck. :)
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