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    help i have a soyo ps4 dragon ultra p 4 1.6 512 ddr ram and been having problems with video cards crashing tried xp pro now back to win2k have all updates and drivers still locks up.when i use my tv out it locks up too i installed updates to mb bios too,tried geforce mx 200 and 400 and tnt2 64 no going insane.the nvidia drivers the newest one doesnt work well at all in my machine..

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    It may seem fairly obvious but have u tried usin the default settings in BIOS ? If not go into ur bios and tell it to load defaults or fail safe settings, just a thought...


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      ok tkx i did that went into bios and loaded failsafe will see what happens next,it doesnt take long for it to lockup when it does.

      tkx ill let you know what happens this problem been driving me mad!
      thanks again hope it works have tried so many drivers for my video card..

      see you soon :)


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        yeah, shepps has a good point may be trying to use Fastwrites/Sideband Adressing or AGP 4x or some other setting that the motherboard/Video Card, may not be compatible with...just an idea. As Shepps said, try default setting, or disabling some of those options.


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          tks shep so far so good.....heres hoping it works...
          im new at this never played with the bios till now...been on pcs for 12 years never had a problem like this before...


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            metioned turning more options off on the motherboard like what ones i have a p4s dragon ultra new to doing this playing with bios need all the help i can get..


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              Well, since you've already got the latest bios and video card drivers....and it's still not working, you could try, as i said, disableing various options in the bios. I'm not familiar with your motherboard inparticular....but try changing the "AGP Apature Size" try 64MB, 128MB, 256MB...that (may) help. Also try turning off "AGP Fastwrites"....and other AGP/Video related settings....try changing the "AGP speed" from 4x to 2x or from 2x to 4x....stuff like that.

              Anyway, good luck :thumb:


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                hmmm it's highly unlikely but could it be possible that your mobo is faulty? this is almost stupidly impossible...but ypu neva know....:afro:
                good luck with it

                btw u can always reformat just incase that fixes it...altohugh highly unlikely from the sound of things....also if u havn't alreadi tried....clear cmos


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                  clearing cmos what will that do.i already formated twice but i did what they said to do in the bios failsafe settings etc.havent crashed in 9 days now,,lol havent rebooted either..will see..tkx