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nVIDIA card going ape after "standby"??

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  • nVIDIA card going ape after "standby"??

    Has anyone experienced an unusual glitch with the nvidia graphics AGP cards, specifically the GFroce 2 MX or T 400 series corrupting programs after comming out of standby? I have an Abit Siluro T400 card, and I've had some quirky things happen in the past, and I'm about to give it up and go back to the reliable Diamond Stealth III Xtreme card. I've had it hang apps, and other malidies after my computer has come out of standby mode. I'm running XP at the time. Well, I'm running LINUX Mandrake 8.2 while i'm in here, but most of the time, it's Windows XP

    I downloaded a new flash bios that Abit had posted at their website, and that sped up the BOOT process of reading memory. Before the flash it took several seconds to read the 512 MB of RAM, but after the flash, it is done almost instantly.

    If I go into Direct X diagnostics and run the video graphics part, it is always faster in the normal mode than when it test the hardware accelerated mode. My Diamond card always run the cubicle faster in the accelerated hardware mode. Wonder why that is??

    The one little oddity with my Diamond Stealth Xtreme card, though, is if I boot into Windows ME, it just hangs. I've tried different drivers, but as long as I don't reboot,and choose a more "generic" video display.. ie low color , low resolution... Then the Diamond works fine. Once I reboot , it seems to have crapped the bed upon booting, and litteraly freezes with an hourglass (not movable either) in the center of the screen. Any suggestions on what might be the problem?

    Thanks for looking at this long winded thread.