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    I have two computers both dells. one is considerably better which im using right now.
    P4 3.6ghz ht
    1 gb ram
    ATI 256 x850xt pe g card
    17 inch flat panel
    160 gb hard drive

    now my problem is this computer is basically brand new and almost cost me 3500 dollars and when it first was shipped it worked great, but now it runs like **** for some reason, ive done virus checks and all that and get nothing considering i just reinstalled windows. i bought this computer for high quality gaming and are stuck with a hunk of crap. i would most appreciate it if someone could plz help me. any suggestions or anything plz.

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    Re: Need Help!

    As a general rule, computers with high-end components that all of a sudden start running slower have usually been victimized by spyware and malware, not virus or trojans. Do a quick Google search (or find one of Yawg's posts and get the link from his signature) and get something like AdAware or Spybot to clean up anything you might have collected unknowingly. If is is still running poorly, grab a utility called Hijack This and post the output here so others can help out with your problems.

    Finally, if this does end up being the cause of your problems, then you've got another problem to address. Either pick up a good router/switch if on broadband (has a built in firewall), or take a hard look at your surfing habits. While spy/malware installs itself in the background without asking your permission, your surf habits may be leading you to sites where this is a common practice.
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