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Video card for a really old computer

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  • Video card for a really old computer

    I got frustrated playing multi theft auto today, so I've (finally) began looking for a new graphics card. My specs are pretty pathetic:
    P3 800 mhz processor
    4x agp slot
    geForce 256
    512 mb ram

    I know that I should get a new computer, but I just don't have the budget for it. I checked around newegg and I was liking the fx5200 since its cheap. I've also read through this board, and it looks like everyone is in love with the 9600. I'm wondering if a better card like the 9600 would be overkill for a system as old as mine. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Video card for a really old computer

    get the 9600 as its a much better card and even if it is overkill for your system now it will be useful if you decide to upgrade the computer later


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      Re: Video card for a really old computer

      That P3 800 CPU would be sluggish enough to discourage me from playing GTAVC on it. I wouldn't expect a whole lot of performance gain from a new video card using that system. If I were you I'd save up until I could update my mainboard, CPU, and video card all at once, and for now, use that computer to surf the net looking for a good buy to replace it.

      To this date the highest recommended system specs on a P.C. video game as far as I know is a P4 2.5 Ghz CPU for Brothers In Arms, I'd shoot for that range or better if you like P.C. video gaming.
      If you want a base line video card for lite gaming an ATI Radeon 9200 to 9600 video card would probably be o.k., but if you want a midline or better video card be prepared to spend atleast $130 U.S. or more, just for the video card as of now. I've noticed prices have been falling lately on some of the more affordable, newer, gaming video cards like the ATI Radeon X700 and the GeForce 6600GT, you might consider one of those in the near future when you decide to upgrade, which, I'm sure you will be doing soon, since your current system will never meet the expectations you need.


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        Re: Video card for a really old computer

        On a P3-800, the BIOS may not take newer cards. I'd try a MX440 or MX4000. Look around and you'll find that they are very cheap.