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Which X800XT ?

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  • Which X800XT ?

    These cards are just becoming available in the U.K and I am ready to spend some money.

    I was about to order the HIS Excalibur X800XT ICEQII. However, i have just read the Gigabyte review on this site and I am very impressed.

    Does anyone have any of these cards or any other X800XT ?
    What are your impressions ? Any suggestions ?

    Comments please !

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    Re: Which X800XT ?

    You wont be getting any cooperation regarding rma or any customer service with HIS.
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      Re: Which X800XT ?

      You'd be better off with an nVidia 6800, which kicked the top of the line ATI X800's butt on all but one low-res setting even with ATI's new "optimised for Doom3" Catalyst drivers in a test conducted by Tom's Hardware. LeadTek is the way to go for such a card.


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        Re: Which X800XT ?

        I would tend to disagree with that statement since most tests (besides Doom 3) show a very close race between the X800XT and 6800 Ultra boards. It is foolish indeed to decide on one chipset over another because of one single benchmark test. Besides, given the close relationship between nVidia and id, there is little doubt of collaboration between the two companies. Let drivers come around and I believe you'll see much closer results even in the vaunted D3 tests.
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          Re: Which X800XT ?

          I would still recommend 6800s over X800s for the most part, but the 6800s don't "kick the butt" of the X800s.