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Leadtek FX5900XT o/c problem

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  • Leadtek FX5900XT o/c problem

    I bought a FX5900XT a while back flashed it to 5950. I have one program, Tiger Woods 2004 that does not like the card I guess. I get some freezing in game and also some other , not sure what they are called, like splotches(spelling) on the screen. Seems to be the only program I run that gives me the problem. Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    it sounds like youve overclocked too far. try reducing the video memory clock speed.
    alternatively you could invest in some better cooling for the card as it might be getting too hot


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      What do you recommend, and where could i get it I am in the Army overseas so somewhere on the net would be my best bet. Thanks for your help.


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        Several vendors will ship to APO/FPO addresses so just look at their shipping terms and see. Some charge extra for it, some try to rape you so just watch and you'll do fine for ordering stuff.

        As to the cooling, there are several things you can look into. There are aftermarket coolers for most cards available. Thermaltake offers many that work well and I believe Vantec still carries some in their product line as well. You can also look into alternative cooling methods if you're willing to play (and pay) a bit. They make water, peltier and phase change rigs for all current video boards. It just depends on your needs and the depth of your wallet.
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 is a great site and will ship overseas for the military.

          You could always just flash it back or reduce speed, though...


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            Still comfortably using Geforce4 4600 Ti in UT04

            I haven't even thought about overclocking this card. suppose i won't invalidate my warranty even if i do now. i think my card has been overheatin or the smartdoctor software on windows me like half year to a year ago now was tellin me that the fan was failing, but its still spinning fine.
            i wouldn't mind one of the dual thermaltake silent coolers. thats why i maybe lagging ut04 in high settings maybe