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9800 pro or new gen card?

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  • 9800 pro or new gen card?

    My old 4400 is at the end of its days so I am looking for a new card.

    I was waiting for a new gen card to reach about $250 (USD) but it doesn't seem that new cards are exactally flooding the market.

    I have a P4 2.26 @ 2.55 and my mobo only supports apg X4. with the lack of huge improvement in cpu/mobo tech I don't think i will be upgrading my proc or mobo until it dies on me.

    So my question is should I go with a 9800 pro istead of waiting for the new gen to come down? And anyone know of any good deals?

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    Well, I dont know how good of a deal this is (I shopped around and it seemed to be pretty low), but FutureShop is having a sale on built by ATI 9800pros. These are the ones with a 256bit bus (not the sapphire or anything) for 299.99cdn. Thats pretty decent as the lowest I have found anywhere else has been about $330 (including ones built by gigabyte gecube and sapphire).


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      Go with the R9800P as the rest of your system won't get the best from anything quicker.


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        Yeah, you will be way too CPU-limited to recieve much (if any) benefit from an X800 or anything better. Get this:


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          is that a better deal than the new egg one?

          I would like to oc what ever i get which brand is the best for that? thx for all the help


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            From what I've heard, Sapphire is pretty much the best for OCing (without just buying your own GPU HSF). I've had very good experiences with OCing them, but someone else will have to coment on MSI.