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That "Catalyst Installation" article, a WAKE UP CA

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  • That "Catalyst Installation" article, a WAKE UP CA

    hi all....

    I Just now installed a radeon 9600xt, and i went Hunting for info on it.

    I found *this* article, in Tweaktown!

    Catalyst Installation Page 1


    A little over a year ago nVidia ruled the graphics card roost and ATi was starting to release some interesting though somewhat problematic hardware and drivers. Fast forward a year later and ATi is now considered to be on top in the ....
    I however strongly believe that the vast majority of these problems are caused by badly installed drivers, driver "residue" and poorly configured settings both during and after setup. Yes, that's right, I'm blaming you! But don't worry, I've written this quick guide to take you step by step through the best method for doing a so-called "clean install" of the Catalysts, and the associated steps in minimizing potential driver-related problems.

    "driver residue" eh?
    I *was* looking for info about this, from my old gainward golden sample nvidia card, that my ati card replaces!

    then, sports fans, It Hit Me!!

    when reading about that "nifty" way to in-DOS check for unused hardware devices, since the last windows hit me that there might be


    residues of many old fossils on my HD!! the xentor 32....the philips siesmic edge....even the Guilliment maxigamer!!

    then i bought an old, for $10, 120 pentium, at a yard sale, months ago...i can play fallout2 on it, why it was *packed* with office software, so much so that scandisk would not even run!!
    betcha there are 12,000 old stuff in that machine!!

    yes, one could use this article to
    a *lot* of stuff besides old nvida/ati drivers!!