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    im havin problems flashing my nvidia bios, what do u think the problem could be? got everything i need for it i think

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    Well, if you're trying to do it with a spoon, that's wrong. If the error message is in Klingon, that means you haven't registered with Star Fleet yet.

    Seriously though, it would help to know how you are trying to do it and what the specific problem is.


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      what, you cant do it with a spoon? is that why i have a huge spoon sticking outta my floppy drive!?


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        actually the way im trying to do it is right here

        im using the editor and a flasher, hope that helps and thanks for the reply.


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          I only read the first 3 pages as it took forever to load them, but I get the idea. So where in the process is something going wrong? Can you edit the bios? Will the flash utility work? What make/model vid card?


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            well all went well until i decided to flash, editing went fine, i could save a new bios but my problem is when i want to flash the old bios with the edited one. i forget exactly what the error messsage is but it wont flash it for me. o ya my card is a geforce 2 mx200 (****ty i know) and i have used many different versions of the flasher too. its kinda weird :cool:


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              It might help to know what the error message is. When you run ZTAGPTool does your card support sidebanding? Are you flashing from a boot disk. Does you brand vid card have features not included in the reference version? Are you starting with a bios version from the card manufacturer or the Nvidia one?