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OCing an AXP 1500+

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  • OCing an AXP 1500+

    Hey people!
    I´ve been doin´ some OCing on my AGOIA AXP and these r the results....
    Of course it´s not stable at all (I can boot normally into windows and browse the net, and do everything but gaming or benchmarking, 3dmark 2001SE would crash into my desktop everytime i tried to start benchmarking) but i´m happy with it since I don´t have any fancy cooling and the puppy stays at or below 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit). I also have the RAM at CAS 2.5 with Ultra timings and Command 1T (whatever it means).
    jejejj :flames:

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    Not a bad effort at all. :thumb:
    Maybe if ya knock that Command rate back to 2T that just may solve ya stability probs. ;)


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      Thanx Wiggo!
      BTW, What is command rate?


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        2T is the norm as not much memory can make use of the 1T command rate. You'd probably get a higher FSB with 2T as well. ;)


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          THANX A LOT WIGGO!!!!!!!!!!
          Just turning off command rate 1T and tuning down the mem timings to normal got me trough 3dmark without a glitch!, so, with the AXp locked (10x166) at 1.67 Ghz (2000+) and my videocard up to 200/450, i got the score below......
          not bad, huh?
          BTW, my mobo doesnt support 166 fsb so i´m running the PCI and AGP slots quite outta specs already... and my modem and tv capture card aren´t so good so i´m afraid to screw them... that´s why i dont turn up the FSB more... but i´l unlock the puppy and tell ya what then...


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            I'm glad to be of help to ya and ya happy with the results. :thumb:

            I really would've thought that MSI would support the 166MHz AGP/PCI divider but then that's probably why I like working with EPoX boards. :smokin: